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And the Winner is [Flisky] and [TheRogue]!


Picture #18

1. [XxTsomexX] "System Error: Energy Overload, need to shut down."
2.[TheRogue] "By sheer force of concentration, I will bring that sunbeam to me."
3. [Lothuriel] "Use the Force Luke!"
4.[Iske] " why oh why did I listen to my friends. Believe me Elephants are NOT yummier than mice. Should have stopped eating after that second one..."
5.[Daisy le Fleur] "Let's see..what life am I on now? 8 or 9?"
6.[HardRockAngel] *Mother shouting* "Get up! You have to get to school in about 10 minutes!" *yawn* "I'll get up. Just let me snooze for another minute..Or five."
7. [The Fuzzily Psychotic Llama is Dead] Emo Kitteh... has given up on life.
8. [Flisky] (Motivational type poster thing) Failure: When you finally stop moving, you just happen to crash in the one patch of shade when you were aiming for the sun.
9. [Sylvia Rote] Me want sunlight, but me so lazy, and light so far away!
10. [Trina..] When Life Gives you dark, Just wait for the sun to move.
11. [arthemis_] ...

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