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And the winner is [TheRogue] followed by [Calico Tiger]!


Picture #17

[Trina..] Germany... America...Spain....Russia... You Pick.
[Lothuriel] - And this Fall's newest look, The Plumber's Pants
[Flisky] "He was tired of people asking 'Boxers or Briefs?'"
[HardRockAngel] "Not only the bikeriders suddenly picked up their pace when facing the "Wall-O'-Bumms"."
[XxTsomexX] I guess they realised crack kills, so they tried to cover it up. They didn't do a very good job though...
[The Fuzzily Psychotic Llama is Dead] "Did you guys get your leg stuck in the fence as well?""Yep.""She hasn't noticed yet. Keep staring forward pretending to look at something."
[arthemis_] What? I want to stick out for a change!"
[TheRogue] *Sports Announcer Voice* "Yes Bob, The American Olympic Crack team has definately reached critical ass with a two-tier foldup and a double butt cover. At least a 8.5 I'd say Bob, but we'll see if he can take home the bronze medal this year..."
[Sylvia Rote] This is why it's important to own a full-length mirror and use it before going out.
[Calico Tiger] - "I like big butts and I cannot lie"

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