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And the Winner is [Maeve104], followed by [Diede.] and [blood_fairy21]


Picture #15

1.) [Maeve104] "Yoga kitty was ostracized by his peers for performing the 'downward facing dog' position on a regular basis."
2.) [Trina..] "Ready...Set... GO!"
3.) [Diede.] ".. I'm not sure if I like this religion.."
4.) [XxTsomexX] "........what, is there something wrong with this pose for Halloween...?"
5.) [Zab] "Watch out back there!" *fart* (yah..I'm silly..)
6.) [Anvikit] "Alright buddy, you know the drill.. Assume the position..."
7.) [The Fuzzily Psychotic Llama is Dead] Apparently the bike rider didn't see the cat in the road.
8.) [Maketsu] "-Catt, give me the super pursuit mode! -With pleasure, Michael!"
9.) [HardRockAngel] " morning!"
10) [arthemis_] "What's with the look? I'm learning to do the Yoga-move 'the Plow'"
11.) [blood_fairy21] "Speed? I AM SPEED..."
12) [Flisky] "He didn't realize that he was a little late for the Olympics."
13) [Perplexity] "Up, up, and AWAY!!"
14) [Lady of Lore] "I'm locked and loaded baby!"
15) [Toric] "I'm gonna gitcha...right after I stretch mah hammies"
16) [xXxDarkRosexXx] "Kitteh like buttsects?"
17) [Iske] "NOW !! you tell me Viagra is NOT A SUPPOSITORY !!!"

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2008-09-17 [TheRogue]: Bookshelf Kitteh are missing other Kitteh...

2008-09-18 [dew_farie]: lol

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