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And the winners are [Lady of Lore], [HardRockAngel], and [Flisky]!
Keep up the great quotes everyone!


Picture #14

1.[Sylvia Rote] "I swear, it just appeared out of no where! I didn't mean to hit it!"
2. [Flisky] This safari got a little too up close and personal.
3. [Perplexity] "Tell me again, officer... what happens if I decline to take the breathalizer?"
4. [Lady of Lore] "These drive through zoos keep getting better and better!"
5. [Trina..] "Oops, was that yours?"
6. [Cia_mar] "These results conclusively prove to the Motor Vehicle Department that the government should NOT lower the legal age for driver's licences. And in other news...."
7. [Diede.] "No.. No that's just my TomTom, I swear!"
8. [Arthemis] The result of two little tikes fighting over the steeringwheel"
9. [blood_fairy21] "Underage Driving. You be the Judge."
10. [HardRockAngel] This is when little Tommy realised his insurance wasn't going to cover this big mess.

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