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And the winners are...[Perplexity], [Flisky], and [Maeve104]! All the quotes were awsome, and enjoyed reading them all. Keep it up!


Picture #13

1. [XxTsomexX] AHHHHHHH!!! ITS A MONSTER!! Oh wait, its just your face.
2. [Lady of Lore] "This chair is miiiiiiiiiiiiiine!"
3. [arthemis_] "Hellow, I'm the pet of Draculaaaaa... please to meet you."
4. [Diede.] The question: "does this dress make me fat" didn't have the wanted response.
5. [The Fuzzily Psychotic Llama is Dead] "Why the hell did you stick this collar on me? I'm a guy!"
6.[blood_fairy21]"Is there something in my fangs...?"
7. [Perplexity] "TURN! OFF! THE! FAN!!!!"
8. [Flisky] "Bunnicula, eat your heart out."
9.[Iske] "fwI fWENT fwTO THffwE DENTfwIST , ANDfw fNOW I FwwIND IT fwO
     wEAfSy to Twalk"
10. [Maeve104] "The queen wants petted....NOW!"

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