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2008-08-07 22:23:34
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And the winner is [Lothuriel] followed by [Cia_mar]. This was a hard choice becuase I thought they all were great, but I had to bring in an outside souce, my husband, to help me out. Keep up the great work!!


Picture #11

1. [Flisky] Peeping Tom? More like Peep-eating Nom Nom Nom!
2. [The Fuzzily Psychotic Llama is Dead] "Oh no! I felt it move!"
3. [Lothuriel] the good fairy finally taught Little Bunny Foo-Foo a lesson he'd soon not forget!
4.[HardRockAngel] The Weightwatchers are so going to kill me! Wait, is this even cake?!
5. [arthemis_] Maneaters, also in your neighbourhood
6. [Cia_mar] HEY!!!! THIS wasn't the peep show I paid for?!?!?!
7. [Perplexity] Either I took too much acid, or you are vomiting pink bunny rabbits...
8. [blood_fairy21] these were YOUR peeps?!? heh heh oops...
9. [Sinchao] Get in mah belly!
10. [Lady of Lore] "Augh! This time I bit my tongue!"
11. [Viking] "What? No, we weren't kissing! There was...something in my eye!"
12.[Iske] " Damn, I should have turned that picture facing the wall, Now she can tell...."
13. [XxTsomexX] "Aw crap... I wanted a blue peep... me and my colorblindness...."

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