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2008-08-02 13:03:11
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And the Winner is...[Perplexity] followed by [blood_fairy21]. Keep up the good work everyone, we have more pictures to come!


Picture #10

1. [Lothuriel] "Oh my gosh!! Mom! Look!! It's Brad Pit!"
2.[Cia_mar] "OOOO He stole Willy Wonka's glasses...I'm telling!"
3. [The Fuzzily Psychotic Llama is Dead] Elvis is in the building!!
4. [Flisky] My whistle is broken, can I have yours?
5. [blood_fairy21] "Thus another tragic case of Hollywood drug abuse. On to the weather report."
6. [Maeve104] "While waiting in line at the convenience store Bill was struck with a sudden case of the '80's."
7. [Lady of Lore] "Oooh, chips!"
8. [Perplexity] The potato chips weren't the ONLY things BAKED that day.

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