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2008-06-14 19:21:30
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Picture #1 Winner


And the Winner is......[Perplexity]! You dont know how true that quote is for the one in the middle. Followed very closely by [Lady of Lore] and [Trennas]

1. [Zab] ''Don't follow the stream - get stuck in the middle.''
2. [Perplexity] "Little Billy found that he had no spirit and could not, in fact, do 'spirit fingers' when prompted like the other children."
3. [arthemis_] "No, it's not a loud enough 'HURRAY!' for me..."
4. [Trennas] "Hmm, I don't remember this move being in the Macarena..."
5. [Lady of Lore] "Yes, I know my arms are shorter now stop rubbing it in."

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