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Brought to you by your local [Linderel].

This is the long-overdue sequel to the Pick a Prompt Contest.

The rules for this contest are simple and easy as 1-2-3. All you have to do is pick one or more of the prompts presented and run with it. Each participant can only have three entries in all; it is up to you how to divide (or not divide, as it may be) them between the categories. Collaborations are allowed, and such a piece counts as one entry for all the people involved in creating it. Any reference or stock used must be appropriately credited and linked to. Fanart and fanfiction are also welcome. I will put no specific restriction on ratings; however, I would ask you to keep it at least remotely worksafe. Also remember to mention which prompt(s) you picked. Please note that all prompts are open to everyone; there is no need to claim them.

All entries should be uploaded on Elftown.

There will be two winners in each section; one chosen by poll, the other my favourite. All winners receive a badge and, if desired, a story or poem written by me on the subject of their choosing.

Deadline March 8, 2011.


#1: wave #11: technology #21: giant
#2: rain #12: exotic #22: sad
#3: love #13: token #23: milestone
#4: careless #14: pollution #24: misunderstanding
#5: spicy #15: notes #25: vibrant
#6: distance #16: smile #26: decoration
#7: tape #17: bruise #27: soft
#8: parade #18: symbols #28: thunder
#9: space #19: road #29: fear
#10: sword #20: treasure #30: trash

PaP2: Art
PaP2: Photo
PaP2: Photomanip
PaP2: Writing

Poll winners:


The Last AI

Host's favourites:



<img:stuff/aj/4731/1307280868.png> <img:stuff/aj/4731/1307280884.png> <img:stuff/aj/4731/1307280895.png> <img:stuff/aj/4731/1307280904.png>

<img:stuff/aj/4731/1307280924.png> <img:stuff/aj/4731/1307280958.png> <img:stuff/aj/4731/1307280949.png> <img:stuff/aj/4731/1307280967.png>

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2009-06-19 [Chimes]: *stalk*

2009-06-19 [Linderel]: Whoo!

2009-06-19 [Druid Fables]: this looks interesting. o.o

2009-06-19 [Rainbow Dragonflies]: ... MAN, I wish.. I had time.

2009-06-19 [Linderel]: Well, the deadline is pretty far. :P

2009-06-20 [nehirwen]: *stalks as well* ^_^

2009-06-21 [Daisy le Fleur]: .> *watching*

2009-06-21 [Rainbow Dragonflies]: Oh whoa, yes.. it is o:

2009-06-23 [Mikie9191]: no one has "time"... really - I think I shall make some time for this. I have no time, but make time I will (at least try I shall).

2009-06-23 [Linderel]: Speaking like Yoda you are.

2009-06-23 [Mikie9191]: speak like this, I must... when drunk on so much jd, I am

2009-06-23 [Mikie9191]: lmao

2009-07-03 [Nevermore.]: ohhh i wanna enter this ><

2009-07-08 [Duke Devlin]: Ooomph.

2009-07-08 [Linderel]: :O

2009-07-08 [Duke Devlin]: I knows! :O

2009-07-08 [Linderel]: Entries! Give me them! :O

2009-07-08 [Duke Devlin]: Hehe I will do one. :D As soon as I can. :) This is spiffy. :) I reckon I'll do the writing and Art or Photomanip. :D <3

2009-07-09 [Tableau Vivant]: I'm going to try something out for this aswell!:D

2009-07-09 [Linderel]: Yay! :D

2009-07-09 [Druid Fables]: Uhm... Can your entry(ies) have more than one prompt in them, or does each entry have to deal with just one prompt each? @_@;

2009-07-09 [Linderel]: One entry can be inspired by more than one prompt. There's no limit to how many prompts you use; only to how many pieces you submit. :)

2009-07-09 [Druid Fables]: =D! Okay. Thanks. I figured that you could only have the limited amount of entries, but was unsure how many prompts one specific piece could use.

2009-07-09 [Chimes]: Lin, does writing include poetry or just prose? :)

2009-07-09 [Linderel]: Chimesies, I take both! Gimme!

2009-07-09 [Chimes]: Can do. :P *ponders combining the two in some way*

2009-07-09 [Tableau Vivant]: I'm combining prompts right now:P To see what kind of interesting combinations pop out

2009-07-09 [Druid Fables]: I had a strange idea for combining some a while ago, but I forgot to ask if it was okay. So now I have to remember the idea. xD;

2009-07-09 [Linderel]: *pokes your brain*

2009-07-09 [Druid Fables]: *has no brain to be poked* ._.

2009-07-09 [Linderel]: :O
*looks around* Accio brain?

2009-07-18 [Chimes]: Mmm.. I has a manip for this. Muahaha... Well almost. It may be my best yet :D *is undecided*

2009-07-18 [hanhepi]: hmmmm.. prompts may help provide my much needed inspiration! i'll be making an effort to enter in at least one category. :)

2009-08-11 [Akayume]: Soooo, I have a question: if we submit a photo can it be touched up a bit? (tweaked colours and whatnot) or does it have to be hot off the camera?

2009-08-11 [Linderel]: A little bit of touching up is allowed, yes.

2009-08-12 [Akayume]: All right, I'll keep that in mind. (: Thank you!

2009-09-23 [Vou]: Joining x3

2009-09-23 [Linderel]: Yay!

2009-09-30 [Linderel]: *extends*

2009-10-26 [Duke Devlin]: XD I love how you comment that. XD

2009-10-26 [Linderel]: Hmms?

2009-10-27 [Duke Devlin]: I dunno, it just really amused me that you actually put '*extends*'. XD Made me happy. :P

2009-10-27 [Linderel]: :P

2009-12-01 [Linderel]: Due to the rather pathetic turnout I am extending again.

2009-12-21 [Nocturnaliss]: Oh this is an interesting contest! I'll have to see about submitting something. Question: is older work okay as long as it fits the prompt ?

2009-12-21 [Linderel]: Sure.

2010-01-19 [Linderel]: Peopleee.... enteeeeeerrr!

2010-01-20 [Aeolynn]: I invited some ppl, dont know if they already knew about this though or not.

2010-01-20 [dancingsheep]: Haha. Yes, I knew. I was actually working on a piece until I upgraded to Windows 7. Now, none of my editors work! *le whine* I may just have to go to Gimp.

2010-01-20 [beastman]: I'd do #29 and #4 but they'd be just some photos

2010-01-20 [Aeolynn]: That's okay beasty!

2010-01-20 [Nocturnaliss]: Whoa good thing someone commented on this, I completely forgot about it! I hope I'll manage to enter something :/

2010-02-11 [Linderel]: Deadline indefinitely removed. I won't have time for setting up polls and making badges until late April at the earliest. :P

2010-05-03 [Silver Moon]: I am having issues getting my scanner to work so I won't be able to enter this year. Will this go on next year?

2010-05-03 [Silver Moon]: or I could do writings...what is the deadline?

2010-05-03 [Linderel]: There is currently no deadline, as you can clearly see.

2010-05-04 [Silver Moon]: Ok I will work on something when I have a chance, it is finals week

2010-05-12 [Gypsy Mystik]: Mew

2010-05-12 [Linderel]: Yes?

2010-07-12 [W.L.]: I don't understand (pardon my density for only looking at this page): is this an artwork, photography or writing contest?

2010-07-12 [Chimes]: All three. There are different sections.

2010-07-12 [Linderel]: Plus photomanipulation. You can enter any section you wish.

2010-07-12 [pegasus1000]: this should be fun.

2010-07-12 [W.L.]: Thanks for the info!

2010-07-12 [Linderel]: It's all there in the description if you just can be bothered with reading it. :P

2010-07-12 [W.L.]: Actually, it is not terribly clear.

2010-07-12 [Linderel]: Hmm.

2010-07-12 [W.L.]: If you read it over without knowing anything about it, it does not explicitly say on either page what the actual "Prompt" is supposed to be promting. There ARE the links to the wikis for the different styles of art, but before that (and they seem like a footnote) it is not terribly clear. Just my two cents.

2010-07-12 [Linderel]: Hmm. Ah, well. I suppose I could try to adjust a bit.

2010-07-12 [Talos Cyrion]: to pick one and find time to write

2010-07-12 [Daisy le Fleur]: Got this one on watch ;) Gonna have to organize some of my shots.

2010-07-12 [Sir. Robert]: looks interesting...I will at least have to watch :)

2010-07-12 [Akayume]: Interesting?

2010-07-12 [Linderel]: ...I am this close to listing synonyms :D

2010-07-12 [Akayume]: Hmm?

I have two pictures for "Token", and I can't decide which one to use. >.< Choices, choices...

2010-07-12 [Linderel]: Theoretically, you could post both. :P But then you'd only have one entry left.

2010-07-12 [Akayume]: This is true. XP But I do want to enter two other prompts... Hmmm.

2010-07-12 [Akayume]: Oke, entered. We'll see if I leave it or not. XP

2010-07-12 [Aeolynn]: I love how I got invited, even though I submitted to this thing like 6 months ago XD

2010-07-12 [little flag]: I'm quite excited about this contest! Just submitted a story. Yay prompts. :)

2010-07-13 [Linderel]: [Aeolynn], that's nothing. I received an invite as well, and it's my own contest! :P

[little flag]: Yay! Welcome!

2010-07-13 [Aeolynn]: Hahahaha... that's pretty hilarious Linderel

2010-07-14 [Flisky]: Now I have to write something. :P

2010-07-23 [Erubeus]: I'll join~

2010-09-04 [Eyden13]: I like this. ^-^ Hope I do well.

2010-12-20 [SeLoCeS]: love the idea of this comp :)

2011-01-01 [Linderel]: Lo! there is a deadline. Now go forth and create. Also, advertise. I would especially like more entries in the photomanip section.

2011-02-11 [Roma]: Roma must enter this contest as well. Because Roma is, at the moment, a contest entering fiend. FEED DA MONSTA

2011-02-13 [Akayume]: You should enter lots of contests! :3

2011-02-13 [Viking]: Roma needs to learn about pronouns =P

2011-02-26 [Akayume]: Oh my, the deadline is approaching on this. O.O I had no idea.

2011-02-27 [Nocturnaliss]: Aahhh there's a deadline again ? Awesome :)

2011-02-28 [pegasus1000]: Oh crap... I havn't even started my drawing...

2011-03-08 [Linderel]: LAST CHANCE TO ENTER! I'll be closing tomorrow morning at around 8 UTC.

2011-03-08 [Akayume]: Waaaahh! :D

2011-03-09 [Linderel]: Now, the blurb there at the top says that all categories will have two winners. I know that with the writing section this means a lot of reading for you as well, but I'm asking you to make the effort anyway. :)

2011-03-09 [Akayume]: XP Letting us suffer along with you I see... :P Kidding. I'm sure that they are all lovely pieces of work. <3

2011-03-10 [Linderel]: Go forth and VOTE!

2011-03-18 [Rainbow Dragonflies]: Lami I am spamming your contest.
Where Am I?
Go check that out, everyone! :) It's a photo contest.

2011-03-18 [Linderel]: Oooh, spam!
...damn, I'd forgotten about that one. Sorries.

2011-03-18 [Rainbow Dragonflies]: I haven't been.. keeping tabs on anything lately. xD Your poll just reminded me, "OH RIGHT I AM SUPPOSED TO BE MODDING THINGS."

2011-03-18 [Akayume]: Silly. :P

2011-03-30 [Linderel]: Please advertise the poll! :) The photography section is in need of some tie-breaking, and I would like a few more people to vote anyway - especially in the writing section. I will be unable to close the polls this weekend, so there's at least half a week left.

2011-03-30 [Akayume]: I did have it in there for a while. :P

2011-03-30 [Linderel]: Perhaps put it in your diary this time?

2011-03-30 [Akayume]: I could. (:

2011-04-06 [Linderel]: I have way too many things to do on the uni front, but I'll try to get this wrapped up by the end of next week. Hopefully earlier.

2011-05-03 [Sagacious Turkey]: ...!

2011-05-03 [Linderel]: Yeaaaaah. Life keeps happening.

2011-05-03 [Sagacious Turkey]: Life is for chumps. That's why I don't have one.

2011-05-29 [Roma]: -gentle poke-

2011-05-29 [Linderel]: Sorry. :( End of next week, I swear! D:

2011-05-29 [Akayume]: :D

2011-06-05 [Linderel]: And now we may all yell as one: "About time!"
Congratulations to the winners and thank you so much to everyone for their participation and patience. :) There were a lot of great entries.

2011-06-05 [Chimes]: Eeee <3

2011-06-05 [Flisky]: Congrats to the winners! ^_^

2011-06-05 [nehirwen]: =D

2011-06-05 [Roma]: :O !! ^^

2013-02-23 [Roma]: You should have a Pick a Prompt 3 :O

2013-02-24 [Linderel]: The thought crosses my mind on occasion :)

2013-03-22 [Akayume]: :D :D

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