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Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Loose Powder Foundation review

In my efforts to find a new type of foundation to wear, I stumbled across Physicians Formula Mineral Wear. Well, I suppose that saying that I stumbled across it is a bit misleading, rather, I stood there in the cosmetics section of the shop that I was in and stared at the choices before me for a good ten or fifteen minutes before I made my decision. It really actually impresses me how much a lot of makeups cost these days. Not that I’m anywhere near being old or anything, but I remember when I could by foundations, and good ones, for about six bucks. Not so anymore. Anyway, after much deliberation, I decided to give Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Loose Powder Foundation ($10.99 plus tax) a shot. I had heard good things about it from friends and I really hoped that it would work for me too. Lately my pores have been acting up in unfavorable ways, and I have been getting pretty tired of wearing pore-clogging liquid foundations that are oily and either leaves my skin greasy or else causes it to peel from being too dried out. 

The Physicians Formula Talc-Free Mineral Wear Loose Powder makeup comes in a plastic contain which sits neatly in a small, cardboard box. The box states that the makeup that I purchased for myself is Buff Beige in color (I meant to grab Translucent, but forgot to double-check the shade before I purchased it), that it has SPF 16 coverage, that the minimalist formula helps reduce irritation and breakouts, allows skin to breathe, and eliminates the look of a chalky, dry finish, which many powder products do tend to leave. In addition, minerals such as Mica provide a smooth, “second skin” feel and finish, the makeup is supposed to cover as well or better than a liquid concealer, and also has derivatives of Vitamins A & E, natural anti-oxidants, which help to protect and condition skin. The Skin Cancer Foundation also recommends this product as an effective UV sunscreen. That’s pretty awesome.

The powder itself is stored within an oval-shaped container which has a dome lid of sorts on the top of it. After one removes the dome lid, they may reach the small brush that sits upon another flat lid. When one pulls up on the tab attached to the flat lid, they expose another flat surface, full of holes, through which the powder may be tapped out. I prefer to tap the powder into the dome lid, which keeps it all together for easy application without making any sort of mess. After one taps a bit of the powder into said lid, they may take the brush that is provided with the product and swirl it about in the powder. Carefully tapping the side of the brush on the dome lid, one may remove any excess powder on the brush by allowing it to fall back into the lid. This product may be worn alone, which is what I prefer to do, or else may be worn over top of other makeup products. All one need to do apply the makeup at this point is to lightly brush the powder over face and neck to even out one’s complexion. For the most even application, be really sure to tap excess powder from the brush before applying the makeup. For the absolute best results on dry to very dry sin, apply a bit of moisturizer prior to using the powder product. Luckily for me, as I have very sensitive skin, this powder is hypoallergenic, fragrance free, oil-free, dermatologist approved, and non-comedogenic. 

Ingredients for the Physicians Formula Talc-Free Mineral Wear Loose Powder include Titanium Dioxide (12%), Zinc Oxide (4.2%), Boron Nitride, Zinc Stearate, Laurolyl Lysine, Retinyl Palmitate, Tocopheryl Acetate, Methylparaben, and Propylparaben. In addition, this product may contain Mica and Iron Oxides. 

I have found that I absolutely love this product. It really gives me the full coverage that I want, without the hassle of leaving my skin too greasy, too dry, or else broken out in pimples or hives. My skin looks smooth and healthy after each use of this product, it is easy to remove as it simply washes off with warm water and a mild soap, and it is mess-free to use. I recommend this product to any woman who has sensitive, extra-sensitive or breakout-prone skin, as this product will help them to achieve the glowing complexion that they desire without any negative side effects. This product is definitely one that every woman who wears makeup, especially foundations, needs to try!

Pros: Evens complexion, hypoallergenic, fragrance free, oil-free, dermatologist approved, and non-comedogenic!

Cons: A bit expensive.

/ [Nioniel]

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