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Player: [*Phoenix*]

Roleplay: Dragon Quest / Knight's Tales

Name: Pyro

Gender: female

Age: 23

Creature kind: Phoenix

Personality: humble, care free and intelligent

Physical Features: red, yellow and orange mixed feathers with more red towards head. 2 peacock eye feathers among tail plumage. green eyes which is strange for a phoenix.

Tallest known record: 5' 2" Wingspan: 2'
Shortest known record when burst into flames: 7" Wingspan: 5"

Tallest: 120 pounds
Shortest: 16 oz

Powers: Flame manipulation, spitting fireballs, transporting in flame when in the midst of danger, tears of healing

Abilities (talents): Burst into flame when time has run out (varies from time to time)

Strengths: flight and hates confrontation so when it does arrive she tends to fight more aggressively

Weaknesses: hates being alone and when she is reborn from the ashes she is very vulnerable..

Hobbies: flying and hanging out with buddies

Relatives: She doesn't know them

Loved One: She tries to love everybody, but hates for them to get attached to her because she could leave at any second...

Companions (friends): King Erindor, Jerminshok


Other: Has the ability to communicate telepathically with people. If a bond is created that is strong enough, a person can see what she sees and feel what she feels.


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