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2007-12-30 15:42:06
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Philosophy of Martial Arts

Taught by: [Black Blur]



[Wolf Spirit]



-The Bushido

-The Zen

I've started this part of the wiki with one of the most basic things to know about Martial Arts Philosophy: The Bushido

Since it's a very popular way among warriors, principally the Samurai, I've decided to translate also an essay about The Zen

Those were translated from this Brazilian site:
It's a realy good site and, if you understand Portuguese, I suggest you visit it. It took me lots of time to translate them so I hope you enjoy.
[Black Blur]


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2003-05-05 [brokenman5000]: destroy your enemy before the battle can began and you will surely win

2003-05-05 [brokenman5000]: a student learns to block, practitioner uses his blocks then hits, a master does not block for he strikes and moves, but the allmighty petty thug kills with a squeeze of a finger

2004-02-03 [Black Blur]: The Supreme may win a battle without killing, nor even moving

2004-02-03 [Aristotle]: The Great and Really Spiffy Master can smear honey on his opponent's face, and then glue a jar of hungry rats to it so that the rats eat their way through his head.

2004-02-05 [SilverFire]: =x

2004-02-05 [Black Blur]: what?

2004-02-23 [SilverFire]: fixed typo.

2004-02-23 [Black Blur]: ok! Thanks!

2004-07-29 [Schmendrick]: long time nothin´new here? well, a real master does not fight at all, keeping himself and the opponent in a harmonic balance. :)

2004-07-30 [Black Blur]: DING! DING! That's it Schmendrick! ^^  Well, sorry for not working much on here. You see, i'm in a very difficult year. >< Lots of people messaged me about helping in the wiki, but no one realy did anything yet. T_T Well, i can't just wait others, i should put something up anyday.

2009-11-15 [manwe]:
ah  geeeeze....

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