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2007-10-26 13:06:40
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Jitter's Works in Progress

All rights reserved © Athena Leonti
This is not free art. If you're looking for images to decorate your houses and wikis see in Elftown graphics or Elftown graphics Jitterbug Perfume.


This is by all means not a tutorial! Just the way I worked on the piece. I would never dare make a tutorial of painting after only my 4th painting with a medium ^^;


This is the presketch I did on simple printer paper. I'm terrified when I have to work straight on canvas ^^;
This is the sketch transfered on canvas. It took me quite a while because I was afraid the canvas might rip x)
I added the first layer of colour on the skin. This is some White guache, Acrylic Yellow Ochre and a bit of Guache Chrome yellow.
Added some highlights on the skin. Yellow ochre and White, I think the white was Guache
And some shading. Acrylic Vermilion and a tiny bit of Burnt Sienna if I recall correctly ^^
I had to leave the skin layers dry a bit so I proceeded to Christine's hair with the same paint I used for the darker shading on the skin. I also tried to apply some white on the Phantom's mask and Christine's dress but the paint ran out :P
Added some dark brown shading (Burnt Umber& a tiny bit of black) Along with some darker browns and Pitch Blacks.
Added some Darker colours to Christine's Hair (Burnt Sienna& vermillion)
I started painting the background (Black+burnt umber) when I ran out of that paint I decided I'd leave it for later so I started on Erik's hair and suit. (Black+Prussian Blue) I stopped for about 30 minutes after that.
I Painted some more of the background, lightening it up in places, although I decided to let it dark in the end.
FInished with the background and added some black patches on CHristine's hair
Added teh first layer of colour to the Phantom's glove and the part of his knee that shows (black+Prussian blue) Also added some very light orange layer of colour on the mask
Added some Dark reds (Carmin+burnt umber) on the rose, the Phantom's hair lace and a bit on the suit. There's a bit of a glare since the paint was wet when I took the pic
Finished with the Carmin reds on Erik's suit and inside of cloak. Added darker shading on the rose and the cloak (Carmin+black)
Fixed Christine's awkward cleavage
Add some light shades on the Phantom's mask and ruined Christine's neck by putting a crawling leech on there xD
Shaded the mask more
Added highlights on Erik's hair, glove, suit and knee
I decided the glove looked like shit and erased it again. I also painted some greens on the rose. (Sap Green+Emerald)
Did some shading on Christine's dress. Ooh I made her have Boobs O_O lmao
<I finally re-added the highlights on the glove, added some on the dress, Christine's hair and some on the mask. I also killed the leech I had placed on Christine's neck.
And.... That's it :)
And that is it, on the wall ^_^

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2008-02-03 [Changer]: Looks really good

2008-02-03 [Jitter]: Thanks :)

2008-09-03 [Jade Lee]: WOW. You are very talented.

2008-09-03 [Jitter]: Thanks :3 I try!

2009-04-24 [Phantom Puppet_Magician]: OMG... O O

2009-04-24 [Jitter]: :)

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