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(Phalk for short)

Deceased from the prime material place known as the realm of mortals

Username [Lexicon]
Gender male
Race Tiefling
Rank Dark Paladin King
Age 118
Appearence Phalk is a slender man, his muscles tone and cut. He stands 5'11", with his hair long and white, drapeing below his belt line. His narrow features were sharp and majestic. His thick white hair accented his obsidian black eyes. His skin slightly reddish. His ear were rounded as his mothers, his teeth sharp like his demon fathers. Not one scar could be found on his skin. A large birth mark black as coal was in the shape of a demon symbol. He wears plate mail armor dyed red as blood trimmed with black metal studding. A long flowing cape trails behind him red as his armor trimmed in a gold embroidry. His mother's royal crest sewn into the cape to promote his undying loyalty to her. Never seen in public with out armor and weapons. When on stands close to Phalk a lite scent of sulpher can be smelled, product of a brimstone tainted blood. Protruding from his fore head are two small horn, they extend only 2 inches.
Persaonlity He is pround of what he is. His loyalty to his mother is undying. He will not hesitate in excuting some one for looking dryly at her. He is evil intented, his only wish is to dominate the world and rule it. He tends to cause slight mischief in order to enjoy his day. He will use his position to gain what he wants and will not deem it low to find a nightly friend. Phalk is wicked in every way but long as his mother still rules than he will fullfill his deeds evenly, as long as there is a witness.
He will give his word and stick to it in complete detail, he always promises that HE wont kill you, especially around his friends.He is entirely loyal to his mother for she was loyal to him for not abadoning him.
History The fires were burning hot that forsaken day. Many dark forms gathered to the bonfire, the red walls of the cavern glowing eerily. Blazing eyes of all colors beam from the shadows, the encircled the fire pit and waited silently. A slender long figure stepped from the fire, surveying its surroundings. “Well has it been done?” the figures voice dominant, and even.
“It has brother.” Another figure that was larger than the others spoke.
“So the demon child has been placed in a mortals womb.” The long form nodded his pleasure. “His name for the mortal world is?”
”Bael his father has chosen Phalkarious.” The largest spoke once again.
“ The young son of Bael?” the slender figure asked.
“Yes Mesphesto, my youngest is strong and highly intelligent. He will be able to ensure his rightful place after his birth.”
“ This is what I was waiting for; he will rise as a prince and lead as a King. He will be the Demon Prince, a king of mortals. The mortal realm will belong to us, lords of the nine planes, hell's realm.” All nine figures laughed sinisterly their voices cold yet filled with a fiery dominance. In unison the cheered “The Tenth plane shall come to be!!”
As soon as he could walk Phalk was into allot of trouble. He even tried to burn down the royal stables. His mother’s advisors said it would be wise to send him off and learn of the paladin ways. Not only did he learn them, he mastered them. Phalk excelled as a palidin, gaining the class at an early age. He mastered the use of a broad sword and well proficient with a short sword. This giving him two weapon style fighting. When he returned home his demeanor was so different, he became stoic, honorable, and justifiable.
He served his mother loyally for many years. Many dwellers of the shadowed streets began to fear the “Golden Knight”, a name he had come to be called by the people.
In his late years of his eighth decade, the prince roamed the Royal Court Yard as he did every day for his lunch hour. A young girl walked through the courtyard. She seemed in awe as she looked through the gardens and flowers. Young and innocent she made the prince smile. “I don’t think I have seen you here before” the prince had said to her. She was shy, but knew who he was. She told him that her father was a new royal guard and had brought her here so that he could fulfill his duty. Her mother far off in the lands left no one to watch over her. Every day he saw her in the courtyard, sometimes reading and other simply marveling at the décor. Her father learned of the two meeting and had asked the prince to teach her to protect herself. Gladly the prince accepted and had done so, adding the use of swords to her array of learning. As days go by followed by months and years the two became close. Treating each other as siblings. The prince had even gotten the young half feylenne Haru into schooling reserved for nobles only. They had grown close, seeing one another every day.
His mother proud of the paladin son had decided to give him his first assignment, an assignment that would take him to the borders of her kingdom. The queen decided that he should eradicate a large band of bandits and rogues to the southern borders of the kingdom. The bandits were assaulting a nearby villaige and seem to have no oposition against them. Gladly Phalk lead a company of royal knights and soldiers. They marched into the valley. Phalk a master tactician lead the attack, the battle ending flawlessly in his favor. As Phalks’ company gathered the dead to be buried by rockslide, Phalk heard voices coming from the valley it was a hidden cave that echoed the voices. Gathering a few knights, he headed in to investigate. Chanting rebounded off the wet cave walls, mingling in with the occasional dripping of water. They continued deeper in to the cave, searching, for what the knights did not know. Phalk realized he was the only one to hear the voice chanting. The group entered a large cavern. In the center a tall statue of an ugly looking creature standing dominate over the robed figures kneeling and bowing at its feet. Phalk move in closer to investigate. The chanting stopped, the occultist turned to see who had entered. With out warning they attacked. Not a weapon to be seen, Phalk ordered the knights to knock their opponents down, no weapons to be used. The head occultist stopped short of Phalk it noticed the birth mark. " A gift" the occultist knelt holding a sword to him. Its blade was an exact replica of a star filled midnight sky. When he held the broad sword a voice invaded his mind.
"I crave blood, so feed it. I crave evil, you will provide. I crave life I will take. Feed me Demon Prince and know true power. I am BLACK RAZOR!!" Phalk looked at his fellow knights and with out a thought he slaughtered them. The blade sung out in pleasure with each swing. The occultist cheered. "FEED ME "the blade called out. Later Phalk exited the cave his bright armor blood red and black from the slaughter he had just won. Tired and weak, the knights and guards that were outside aided him home. From that day he has not been the same. The cave encounter created the blood red armor look for him. Since that day he has not been the same, Bael has a greater hold on him again.
As he returned form a short adventure the prince was informed of his mothers assassination. Rage fill his chest, someone would pay for this evil. Who? Who is the one that would dare to kill her? They will meet a fate like no other. His mind raced the thoughts of what next to be done. Opportunity had come to him in a form of a wondrously beautiful woman. A hellion, the race the arch devils, lords of the nine planes of hell, had created to turn the mortal realm into the tenth plane. Now one comes to him with words from his father and the other arch devils. What it entails is yet to be seen, but the words of an arch devil bring a dark cloud in its wake.
Now it seems that the hidden darkness is awaking. The prince, who is to be crowned king, calls his trusted minions. All ready for their next task to complete the princes' dream of an empire. As days go by the prince's power grows, while with in his castle he is able to manipulate the dark arts at a high level of power. Even when Black Razor not sheathed at his side his demon blood now gains a greater control over his mortal form. If he is to rule an empire he will need many things, one such artifact lies in wait for his taking.

Misc He wears plated armor that has been died blood red with black metal studds scattered on the edges. He carries Black Razor an Unholy Avenger broad sword. With every successful hit he steals temporarily strength and life and powers of his foe. The effect doubles on priest kind. Three daggers of return hide in his left gauntlet. He has minor clerical ability non-healing. He is able to resist minor affect of fire and heat and has the natural ability to levitate. He can also see spirits but cannot control or what ever else just see and watch.
(Yikes....he's scaewy.....but cool. Have fun, and if you need some ideas for background-influence, like where in the world he came from, to end up here in the RPG world, just ask. Since he's a tiefling, I'm sure he actually began life on another plane, right?
Have fun)

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2003-09-10 [Amerity]: HAHa! Phalk! Lilly raids you page!!

2003-09-29 [Lexicon]: Well there goes my candy jar LOL

2003-10-12 [xido]: Yar-har, oh matey, thar! I've been to your scowardly filth page, and I've looked death STRAIGHT in the eye, ARGHH..... I fear ye not, ye grimy Scabbard!  See my new down in the sewers, under the palace-courts of Vraisynn....

2004-10-08 [xido]: Alright, in the death scene on King's Reign, he had lost his ability to levitate, for some reason, unknown even to him. Now, he is the son of a Hellish Prince, which makes him a Baatezu, or devil. Now it's time to find out how this will be affected... Let's continue this on In a dark quiet place.

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