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2008-05-06 21:09:27
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Calling all perfectionists!

Do you want to rule the world your way?
Do you wish people were as intelligent as you?
Does everything around you have to be PERFECT?
Do you loathe improper grammar or spelling?
Do you have Obsesive Compulsiive Disorder?

If you ansered "yes" to most of those questions then you qualify for the "Perfectionists Take Charge" wiki.
If you have any ideas for the requirments list then message me: [firefaerie333] or [prinsesse]
Add yourself to the members list!


[firefaerie333] I'm the owner or this wiki page!
[prinsesse] yeash I am the proud uhhh co owner I guess you could call it :)
[surelyyourjoking] I'm the second [firefaerie333] I'm just as cool, only meaner.
[body of pointless scars] I have no idea what I'm doing here.
[KissmeKillme666] Hey, I'm here by force.
[Made with love] What am I doing here?
[Deadly Exposure] notice how I capitolize!!!
[Chetleon] I enjoy Gothic poetry and trying to make everything in my life perfect.



made by veronica



Here's a new banner. It's by: [firefaerie333]


Just add this to your "house" without the stars.

put that in your description thing and of coarse remove the stars...

If any people want to join please message [firefaerie333] and if I'm not replying ask [prinsesse]

Username (or number or email):


[Deadly Exposure]: i cant join theres a password

[firefaerie333]: Yes indeed. you have now joined.

[firefaerie333]: this has never happened...

[Chetleon]: hi i am so bored

[Chetleon]: hi

[firefaerie333]: Hi! I don't update much sorry...

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