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This is a place of calm and poetry. Please feel free to put a poem or 2 up on this page but you must put your name on it that's the only rule and if you can put why you made this poem and what its about thanx.


This is thanx to [notincalifornia]
Feel free to put this on your description.

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Should the poem o0f the week be voted or chosen by me?

Well, there is two ways to look at this. #1 A vote would make everyone have a say, but could also end in a stalemate with no poem actually grabbing a majority. Afterall, some are too smitten with their own work and unable to vote against their own material. #2 Chosen by you. That is probably the best way as far as I can see, unless of course it starts getting to be a little too much for one person to handle. But at least their would be a definite answer for which poem it would be. So, my "vote" goes to #2, you choose, works for me. [valeshadow]

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[Black Adder] = [The Raven]'s 'The Little Girl'

[valeshadow] = [Rainbow Dragonflies]'s "The silence is overwhelming"

[Black Whispers] = [Oddjob]'s 'Getting Sick'

[Rainbow Dragonflies] = [Oddjob]'s Tatterd Lives (not sure of the name)

[The Raven] = [Black Whispers]'s 'UNKNOWN'

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[Fuu] = My True Love by [forbidden]

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2004-05-22 [Rainbow Dragonflies]: Riding, my sis is afraid of horses, and ever since my lil cousin Emy wen ton a horse ride, and almost fell off when her horse tripped, she porbably won't be going on another ride for a while, so, not all girls like horses, ^^ but yes, I've been riding.

2004-05-23 [Black Adder]: I like fighting and hunting with my dog!

2004-05-28 [Oddjob]: I do martial arts and I ride without a saddle, Saph hates saddles

2004-05-31 [Rainbow Dragonflies]: lol, lucky you

2004-05-31 [Rainbow Dragonflies]: I've always wanted to ride bareback, but it seems kinda odd lol

2004-06-01 [Black Adder]: ... ok , that sounds so dirty ...

2004-06-01 [Rainbow Dragonflies]: ... lol.. yea it does.. hehe..

2004-06-03 [Black Adder]: ... *smiles*

2004-06-08 [Rainbow Dragonflies]: *laughs*

2004-06-15 [Oddjob]: but the horse I ride if part-wildish because he was never actually raised witht he saddle so he hates people really

2004-06-16 [Rainbow Dragonflies]: sorry, has he thrown you? (( I relize that sounds.. 'dirty' spike lol))

2004-07-09 [Black Adder]: Spike???

2004-07-10 [Rainbow Dragonflies]: yes spike. This was before you changed your name lol.

2004-07-10 [Rainbow Dragonflies]: Wow.. soemone voted for my poem.. wow, lol.

2004-07-10 [Rainbow Dragonflies]: I added two new ones to.. ot bored.

2004-07-15 [Rainbow Dragonflies]: hey Adder.. I read that poim you wrote about me a while bak (the 4th one down)and he was amazed on how accurate you were, he says "he's a really good poet, and it's weird how accurate he was on everything" ^^ sound familer? when I read that poim it "brought tears to my eyes." member?

2004-07-17 [Black Adder]: ... ye ...

2004-07-17 [Black Adder]: You ripped my heart right out of my chest one?

2004-07-17 [Rainbow Dragonflies]: no... oops.. miscount.. lol.. the fifth one down Her eyes are like the sea, that one.

2004-07-18 [Black Adder]: Oh ... the water babe one lol*

2004-07-20 [Rainbow Dragonflies]: lol yea.

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