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Confused? This is the latest page. What happened before can be found on my website:

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Part 1 (<blog:1167738>) and 2 have been published!


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2010-02-22 [deeterhi]: That works :) I think in future pages you just have to be careful about designing the page with the last panel not being last because I finish and then see a panel I already read and shouldn't be looking at now. I should be ready to look at the next page. Then I go back and re-read the page, wondering if I read it wrong.

2010-02-22 [Yncke]: Yes, you're right. I should keep that in mind. Thank you for that advice. :)

2010-04-13 [Hendercrazy]: I really like that you've developed some good fluidity with your inking over time. :)

2010-04-14 [Yncke]: Thank you, [Hendercrazy]. It still feels like a major weak spot, though.

2010-05-27 [Hendercrazy]: Nobody wants to do the dirty deed! :P

2010-05-28 [Yncke]: Gotta love military structures to pass the hot potato. :)

2010-06-06 [Hendercrazy]: Whoa! Nice work! :D Would love to see the wall in the last panel of page 39 have some grit and grime to it like you did on page 40. Right now it could be viewed as hollow. Great job [Yncke]! :D

2010-06-07 [Yncke]: Yes, good point! Thank you, [Hendercrazy]. :) (I had more text planned there, originally.)

2010-06-07 [deeterhi]: Wow. Page 40 has really piqued my interest. Can't wait to see what happens next :)

2010-06-12 [Yncke]: Thanks, [deeterhi], here's what happens next. :)

2010-06-12 [Hendercrazy]: XD All of the cool spells always get jacked by technicalities! :P Really like where this is heading. :) Awesome that you've kept busy too! Inspiring [Yncke]! :D

2010-06-13 [Yncke]: Thank you, [Hendercrazy]. :) I think that magic ought to be like technology: the more sophisticated the effect, the more that can go wrong. :)

2010-06-13 [deeterhi]: Lol. That screaming woman is hilarious ^^

2010-06-14 [Yncke]: I was a bit worried it'd be too much slapstick...

2010-06-22 [deeterhi]: Nah. It's even funnier too because it ends so abruptly. I love the design of the bird man. That must've been fun to ink ^^

2010-08-02 [Yncke]: Yes, it was! :)

2011-08-15 [kians mummy]: I really enjoyed reading this

2011-08-16 [Yncke]: I'm very glad for that! :)

2011-10-07 [9jlriexqk,ktpk]: I liked this comic strip a lot-I did n't like the part where the horse got turned to ice and then smashed though :( but I still loved it.

2011-10-07 [Yncke]: Thank you very much for the comment, it's great that you like it. :) (And yeah, sorry about the horse. It's the demon who did it. :s )

2011-11-28 [Dr.Mandarian]: I like the clear-line style so much! Great how you caught all that difficult movements, the horse going wild, the character digging in the snow etc. And I love the ideas of a winter elemental and the horned ice-demon...

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