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Confused? This is the latest page. What happened before can be found on my website:

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Part 1 (<blog:1167738>) and 2 have been published!


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2013-07-22 [Dr.Mandarian]: I like the shadow patterns on the last panel ^_^

2013-07-26 [Yncke]: Thank you. :)

2013-07-26 [Dr.Mandarian]: Wow, yes, these black white shadowing rocks! Amazing landscapes on this one!

2013-07-30 [Yncke]: :)

2013-08-24 [Dr.Mandarian]: gets really exciting, again, now! And I love the intensity of Inspector Marcus' glance / face expression on the last panel!

2013-08-27 [Yncke]: Hm. Thanks for that remark, I just thought of something. :)

2013-11-01 [Dr.Mandarian]: So cool! And you're at such an amazing speed with Per'Bat for such a long time already! Great that you're so long-winded and dedicated!

2013-11-02 [Yncke]: That's mainly because I got lazy with the English translations and I'm catching up now. ;)

2013-12-18 [Dr.Mandarian]: So nice! And I love that Patro Klusp too! ^_^ Ooh, and will we meet the elves and windmen, now as well? *jumps up and down*

2013-12-23 [Yncke]: Thanks. :)

Well, not to disappoint you, but I'm wrapping up this part - it's going in the 60 A4 pages direction, that's good enough for one tome - so, um, don't hold your breath?

2013-12-23 [Dr.Mandarian]: *breathes out...* -lol Well, a tome's fair enough for the first. I take that for a teaser then ;)

2014-01-12 [Dr.Mandarian]: Is this the last page, now? Love the solemn, melancholic mood to the funeral pyre scene any case, caught greatly! And the sword sunken in the ashes feels a little bit like some mysterious hint left open at last... Think I still have to read the comic in whole at your private web site once again... But it's a great, almost epic story! And I love the style you developped over the time, with all the lovely details and nifty black and white contrasts... Chapeau, my friend! Has really become a little masterpiece!

2014-01-12 [Yncke]: Thank you! The sword is the murder weapon, I felt it would give it a bit of a 'full circle' feel.

And no, this is not the last page. There's still a little final but important scene to go. I was contemplating putting 'the end' here, but I just can't.

2014-01-23 [Dr.Mandarian]: Great! ^_^

2014-01-29 [Yncke]: Not done just yet... :P

2014-02-04 [Dr.Mandarian]: Don't worry, still following *wink* and a jolly parade of new, very cool creatures you have up there! <img:44166_1164144932.gif>

2014-02-05 [Yncke]: I'm very glad you do. :)

And now part two is completely done. I'll be using the rest of February to clean up - make a cover, fix some things, that kind of stuff.

2014-02-05 [Dr.Mandarian]: Aren't you, eh? ;)
Ah, see, how great! Think I'll read the second part again in whole once more, soon... But I still already find it became excellent! And makin a finishing polish for the overall comicbook sounds like a great activity for the rest of the month! Have much fun with that, dearie, and enjoy the completed work yourself! ( It's been a long way to go ) ~greetings

2014-09-10 [Dr.Mandarian]: Hey, Per'Bat as official comic book? That's so awesome, mate! ^_^ ( Just hoped that this would happen one day... ) Chapeau for all the work over there! Where would I be able to order it, then?

2014-09-10 [Yncke]: :) Thanks! I'll drop a note here when I know where you could order it. It's not out yet.

2014-09-22 [Dr.Mandarian]: Excellent, thank you very much!

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