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Confused? This is the latest page. What happened before can be found on my website:

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Part 1 (<blog:1167738>) and 2 have been published!


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2014-09-22 [Dr.Mandarian]: Excellent, thank you very much!

2015-02-03 [Dr.Mandarian]: This opening really wakes eagerness, that's so nicely thought up again, with that great 'little' plain and the pittoresque mountain realm, but I even already liked that a lot when you first showed me your map of Eigen back then... Only thing on the first image was at first glance that the single pine tree seemed a bit too blackish, but suddenly now on that second image above the blackish pine trees seem very homogenous to the landscape again... So yeah, that scenery looks very lovely indeed. I'm excited what will take place there now. ^_^

2015-02-05 [Yncke]: Thank you for the remarks. :) Indeed, splitting the whole landscape in two didn't work as well as I had hoped it would.

2015-02-06 [Dr.Mandarian]: No, don't worry, if I imagine that two landscape parts as two-parted "diptychon" the overall will surely work out fine. But: How cool, the ploughman stroke a treasure?! Or an artefact?!! I like how often you put spotlight on such wonderfully ordinary people like that in your stories.

2015-02-11 [Yncke]: Thanks, [Dr.Mandarian]. :) Nope, not a treasure, I'm afraid...

2015-02-11 [Dr.Mandarian]: Rather quite the opposite now, yes... *laugh* ( Poor ploughman )

2015-03-19 [Dr.Mandarian]: Very promising plot so far... like the beginning of a mystery thriller... and I like the characters too - especially the three funny guards and the wise lady... Wish they'd all become main part of the storyline

2015-03-19 [Yncke]: The lady is one of the main characters of the two previous issues, so yeah, she'll come back. ;) (She cut her hair as a sign of mourning at the end of the previous part, and while I could use magic as an excuse to give it the normal length again here, I felt it would be more realistic to make an educated guess how long it'd be over the time of a pregnancy and stick to that. It does compromise recognisability, though. :s )

I've also got plans for two of the tree guards. O:-)

2015-04-22 [Dr.Mandarian]: Thankgod there's always magic to explain things in a fantasy world, isn't it?... ^_^ But great that you put thought also in the things that happen 'backstage' and: glad, that Per'Bat continues again! Looking forward for those things to come yet...

2015-04-24 [Yncke]: Nobody probably notices most of the things you're forced to think about, but it's part of the fun of world building. :)

Indeed, I missed an update last week, sorry about that. :s

2015-04-24 [Dr.Mandarian]: No worries for the little delay, dear Yncke. And yes, I agree! And I like too that it contributes density and appeal a lot. The story inbetween the scenes, yes... I especially used that as stylistic device for the theatre play I wrote once, like someone suddenly wears his left arm in a bandage without explaining it at all... immediately tells a story too and makes the reader / viewer wonder...

2015-04-27 [Yncke]: Ah yes, theatre is also one of those lovely places where a detail can suggest so much.

2015-04-27 [Dr.Mandarian]: Right ^_^ * wiggles ears *... But over the last years you also sophisticated details in your comics too a lot... Like the landscapes, the interior of rooms etc Or like the way the pregnant lady above takes a seat... That's so marvellously caught, really! 

2015-04-29 [Yncke]: Thanks, you're making me blush. :) I've been surprised at how the one page a week thing helps in terms of improvement...

2015-04-29 [Dr.Mandarian]: Yes, wow, it took me one whole year to find out that you blush all the time *laugh* But you needn't, really... ^_^ And yes, I realized that too... Wish somtimes I could click on Per'Bat to embiggen it and enjoy all the tiny details better...

2015-05-13 [Dr.Mandarian]: Love the top image with the mounted carriage escort, the bridgework and the rocks, even the wood of the carriage looks very realistic! ^_^ If you only make the treetops of woods in distant flatland like on the latter panel more like plenty, tiny circletops which mark treetops only hintedly, it would even more look like a forest, for now it could as well be a grainfield... But except that it's perfect! ^_^

2015-05-15 [Yncke]: I see what you mean with the woods. Thanks for the remark! :)

2015-05-16 [Dr.Mandarian]: You're welcome. Well, but I still couldn't draw any rocks that well... <img:stuff/sm-gif.gif> nor such vein texture of wooden planks...

2015-05-27 [Dr.Mandarian]: a magic harpist, cool! does he try to rescue the drowning one? he has got a very stylish outlook any case! ( almost looks like I had a new favourite main hero there )

2015-06-03 [Yncke]: Not exaclty, just prospecting. :)

2015-06-03 [Dr.Mandarian]: Ah, okay he was scanning, not bad as well ^_^ But that looks gorgeous, think this is my most favourite page so far... really well-rounded, the harpist with that lovely landcape behind him and the characters on the two following panels... and now the storyline takes up speed too. I'm curious, how that three threads will develop now... The one with the magic sleuth, Tehelon Raa, the one with the pregnant wise lady and the one with the magic harpist investigator. Well, done!

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