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2011-06-08 20:36:26
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Penn Plax Tank Stand review

Tired of our cats being able to access our fish tank on our dresser, Hubby and I went in search of a tanks stand. We figured that it would be pretty impossible for the cats to scale any sort of tank stand, unlike the dresser that they could and did just hop right up on. While neither cat ever killed any of the fish, they both tried to drink from the top of the tank, and it stressed the fish out (not good).

Additionally, we wanted something that we didn’t have to set up, even though pre-assembled stands seemed to cost more we didn’t really have the time or the energy to deal with the hassle. Because pre-assembled stands did cost more than the stands still in their boxes, Hubby and I knew that we wouldn’t be getting anything incredibly stylish or solidly. However, we still wanted something sturdy, so that if we bumped into the stand or tank, or if our cats jumped at it, the tank wouldn’t fall to the ground or topple off the stand.

Luckily for us, at the second shop we went to, we found the Penn Plax Fish Stand (19" x 32"), which cost us about fifty bucks. It was a lot heavier than we expected it to be; we weren’t complaining though, the heavier the stand, the sturdier it would be! Together, we were able to lift it and position it where we wanted it in our home.  

Of course, we had known our tank’s measurements before shopping for the Penn Plax Fish Stand, so when we got home, we were able to easily fit our fish tank onto the stand. We had to empty a lot of the water from the tank in order to lift it and carry it safely through the house, but that wasn’t that hard, and it allowed us to clean the tank pretty thoroughly that day, too.
After making sure that everything was in place, we let the cats into the room in which we had placed the Penn Plax Fish Stand and our fish tank. They spent a few minutes sniffing it and circling it, as well as they stretched up on their hind legs to get a better look at what was atop it, but in the end, they didn’t try to jump up on it or knock it over (success!). Hubby and I did try out a few “accidental” bumps on the Penn Plax Fish Stand to make sure that it didn’t topple over, or slosh the water in the tank too much. It did not. The Penn Plax Fish Stand turned out to be incredibly sturdy and we both felt a lot better about letting our cats in the same room as the fish. 

I do recommend the Penn Plax Fish Stand. I don’t know how much of a pain it would be to assemble, but I do know that pre-assembled, it is quite solid. While it is heavy and somewhat awkward to move around or to lift, consider that the heavier the stand, the sturdier it is likely to be. 

/ [Nioniel]

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