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The site for penguin's Penguens!
(Please don't ask about the's embarresing)



2. [ValmontDracul]
3. [Black_Dragon_123]
4. [Mansonlover]Penguins r cool.
5. [Hexglitter] In my other life, I am a penguin.
6. [Relphien] penguins are the best, I have worked with them!
7. [your exotic nightmare] One by one the penguins are stealing my sanity.

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2005-06-11 [Daladís]: Ever thought of doing a plastic surgery?

2005-06-11 [Hexglitter]: Yes, I am seriously considering having my wings colored. Purple would be nice I thinnk.

2005-06-12 [Daladís]: Purple is a great colour, it's hot! So then, You'll be a hot penguin and get lots of fans...

2005-06-12 [Hexglitter]: Yes, I think so. we'll have to go on a publicity tour now ;)

2005-06-17 [Daladís]: Yes, we must be admired by the world! Oh, we are so lucky! Beeing this beautiful is a hard job, don't you think?

2005-06-17 [THE^SQUIRREL]: this is hilarious. I'm so glad I made this wiki.

2005-06-17 [Hexglitter]: Yes, being beautiful is very difficult, but some penguen has to do it.

2005-06-18 [Daladís]: Yes, and the responsibility falls on us two. We alone must carry the burden of showing the world the beauty of penguins! We alone must be showered with fan-mail and party the night away at different clubs with Hollywood's best actors... Oh, the responsibility might be more than I can take! Mabey I need a long vacation away from all paparazzis, I'm thinking of Ibiza...

2005-06-19 [Hexglitter]: hmmmm. Very classy. Yes, I have always wanted to fly to Hawaii. How cruel fate is to give us wings, but no air miles. I am looking forward to meeting Brad Pitt. Do you think he will like purple wngs?

2005-06-19 [Hexglitter]: Oh yes, I wonder if there are two special male penguins for ones as beautiful as us. We could be plastered over all the gossip magazines.

2005-06-19 [Daladís]: Brad Pitt will love your purple wings, I'm sure. Word has it that he accually runs around in purple underwear as soon as he's alon, whishing that they were wings. He's kinda wierd... And there better be some special male penguins for us, we deserv it and we DEMAND it! But they have to be at least half as beautiful as us and I do think that they have to wear ties, I mean you and I are girls with class, Isn't that right? And yeah... gossip magazines... At first, they would love us and then suddenly they will make up a lots of lies and drive us to depression and make us drug addicts..

2005-06-19 [Hexglitter]: I knew he was weird. I hope he doesn't try to steal me and make me his pet! I am an independent penguin! (Unless I am cowering behind you) Yes, any males penguins who wish to serve...uh, I mean love us, must wear ties and a tuxedo I think. After all, we have the lovely diamond collars, do we not? I concede your point about the gossip magazines. The last thing I want is to become addicted to sardines....

2005-06-21 [Daladís]: I wouldn't worry! He can't steal you, you are way to famous to be some mediocrity actor's pet. Besides, your purple wing (gorgeous if I may say so) would only remind him that his purple underwear's NOT real wings and that would make him sad and then he would have to drive-clean his car and all the paparazzis would take photos of him crying in his purple underwear. And yes, our future males must look very stylish otherwise our diamondcollars with diamonds worth more than half of the oil resources in the whole world, would make them look very grey and boring and we can't be seen with those kinds of guys! And yes, those sardines are very dangerous, it starts with just one and then your hooked.

2005-06-21 [Daladís]: I accually had a firend who started with sardines and then moved over to codfish. He ended up in a zoo and had to share his home with twenty other codfish addicts (penguins of course!) And guess what I noticed! That squirrel guy seems to laugh at us! He better wach out, or we hire someone to cut down his tree and steel all his nuts. Hehe, then we'll se how he likes the winter! Mohahaha! Oh, I'm so evil, money and fame does that to you some times! *blushes*

2005-06-21 [Hexglitter]: Yes,yes! We shall steal the squirrel boys nuts. He shall not stand against us!!! We shall feed him sardines and make him our slave!!!! And you have a beautiful green beak, matches my purple wings very well

2005-06-21 [Hexglitter]: I shall bite the Brad with his purple undies if he comes near me!!!! And then I shall whack him with my lovely collar..

2005-06-22 [Daladís]: Yes, and then we have to take contact with the russian mafia so they can help us with the disposal of Brads dead body. And we also have to clean your diamondcollar so that the CIS can't find any evidence on it.Yes, we are gonna get the squirrel buy hooked on sardines and slowly watch him die as a result if his addiction.

2005-06-22 [Hexglitter]: mwwaaahhhahahahhahahahaa *cough**choke* We will get the squirrel boy to clean the collar and leave his pawprints on it.....hahaha it's the perfect crime!

2005-07-15 [Daladís]: Yes, we are not only stunning beauties, we are evil geniuses to! Not even the CSI will get us!

2005-07-17 [Hexglitter]: bwaahahahahahahahaha! Take that CSI.

2005-11-24 [pixietrick55]: crime scene investigation?, who was murdered?, how'bout FBI??

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