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2014-07-01 22:36:04
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Welcome to Peggy's Color Contest

The Contest is now Closed!!!


Congratulations to
[Blood Sucking Beauty]
For Winning the GREEN Contest!


Here's your badge!

Thanks also to


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2013-11-10 [XxTsomexX]: Gah I still am gonna do this!! I'll whip something up

2013-11-10 [Eyonic]: *cheers* yays you can do it!

2013-11-12 [pegasus1000]: Well with two entries and a few months gone by I am starting to wonder if this is going to go anywhere. :(

2014-02-01 [Marlene'Jacques]: Maybe try using another colour?

2014-02-05 [pegasus1000]: I'll give it a try but so far unhappy with the results.

2014-02-05 [Kbird]: Green...there goes my idea for a nature pic XP

2014-02-05 [XxTsomexX]: XD lol

2014-02-05 [Kbird]: I'll try to make a picture but I don't have a scanner or good software. :/

2014-02-05 [Blood Sucking Beauty]: Does acrylic paintings count?

2014-02-05 [Blood Sucking Beauty]: I know it doesn't look it but it is Green. My camera is just a little crappy so it kind of altered the color a little.

2014-02-05 [Eyonic]: :O time to start drawing! :D

2014-02-05 [kians mummy]: Just thought i'd tidy it up a teenie bit for you, I could of done more but I don't want to without permission. x

2014-02-05 [XxTsomexX]: Here ya go [pegasus1000], I invited everyone on my friends list ;) I will be posting something probably sometime tomorrow

2014-02-05 [kians mummy]: Meeee lol

2014-02-07 [yamisango]: i wish i could

2014-02-12 [pegasus1000]: [Blood Sucking Beauty] yes paintings count.

2014-02-12 [pegasus1000]: Thanks [XxTsomexX]

2014-02-12 [Blood Sucking Beauty]: I'm so excited about having this painting in a contest. ^.^

2014-02-12 [pegasus1000]: [Blood Sucking Beauty] don't worry about the color. The Eagles colors are Midnight Green and Silver... I also know the issues with cameras.

2014-02-12 [XxTsomexX]: I'm gonna be posting my entry sometime tomorrow. Just finished it :)

2014-02-12 [Blood Sucking Beauty]: you from PA [pegasus1000]? o.O

[XxTsomexX]....IM GUNNA WIN :-P LOL JK LOVEZ YOU!!!!!!!!

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