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Pauly's Book Stuff


Current Working Title: Telkar Chronicles, Book One

This is simply the working title for my first novel, for legal purposes, and registration with the United States Library of Congress. The dramatic-sounding rest of the title will have to wait ;-)

Plan: register copyright now, read up on publishing, and start submitting before registration process is complete.

My first novel is mostly conventional, and much of it is familiar to fantasy and science fiction fans. HOWEVER, (and it is a big however) there are quite a few truly original ideas that are screaming to be stolen by would-be publishers if I don't travel the harder path, and get the novel's copyright registered myself. The novel is also not without controversy ;-)

Hopefully, the clarity and relative lack of typos and absence of continuity glitches in the 595-page novel will assure a smooth passage through the U.S. copyright Office. (And a smoother time with publishers? Here's to hoping. *knocks on wood*)

This is the particular link I've been following:

US $30 and a 4-5 month wait (bureaucracy and red tape.) Thank you, please drive through!

As Tom Petty sang eons ago, "The waiting is the hardest part!"






I'm not including the art in the Library of Congress version. I'm not sure if the art will ever be considered high quality enough to warrant inclusion into a published commercial edition, but that doesn't stop me from drawing and coloring. Three pics done, three in-progress, and about fifteen more yet to be begun o_O

I also have a 24 MB video clip of this stuff uploaded to ET, but since it won't open properly I'll wait until I can open, before I post the link.


---Unneccessary Excitement Time---

(This is copy-and-pasted from USPS site):
 Track & Confirm

Current Status

You entered 2301 0640 0000 8551 0397

       Your item was delivered at 10:00 am on April 11, 2005 in WASHINGTON, DC 20559 to COPYRIGHT 20559 R03. The item was signed for by R WILLIAMS. 

Somehow I thought the official registration certificate would be something more dignified looking than this :P

Anyway, this legally recognizes my copyright-holding of "Telkar Chronicles: Book One." When it gets published, with a permanent title, I will need to fill out a longer form with the permanent title. Ah, paperwork. ^_^



Pauly's Novel Pictures

Pauly Book Character Meme Questionaire






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2005-04-16 [Paul Doyle]: This is the link: PaulyNovelTwoInDevelopment

2005-04-25 [Paul Doyle]: I will start posting illustrations here (in a linked sub-wiki) ASAP, along with developmental sketches for Book Two, many of them from 1990-91 when I wrote the first 120 pages of Book Two without being prepared.

2005-05-12 [Spirit Queen]: cool i hope u sell alot of books

2005-05-12 [Paul Doyle]: Thanks . . . now I need to get off my tushie and start getting assertive about trying to sell the novel, and hopefully the five-novel series as well :)

2005-07-20 [Paul Doyle]: Finally got the registration certificate this morning, which means I have absolutely no reservations about getting published, now that I have legal protection. Yay for expedient government delivery? :P

2005-07-20 [liiga]: woohoo! *standing ovation*

2005-07-21 [Paul Doyle]: Thanks, [liiga]. ^_^ Now that I've started Novel Two, I have to get published :)

2006-07-06 [Paul Doyle]: Quick information: novel sequence title, "Telkar Chronicles" is a working title, which means the title isn't finalized until negotiations have been made with the publisher (whichever that may be.) Also, "Telkar" is a docked form of "Telkarsky", which was the family name until Phil's grandfather shortened it after an unnerving incident involving the great-greatgrandfather who had powers of his own. Overall, the family name thing is a very small theme. Ultimately, it means Phil Telkar is from a very dysfunctional family :P

2006-07-06 [nokaredes]: ...aren't we all? :P

2006-07-06 [Paul Doyle]: Show me one that isn't. :PPPPPP

2006-09-25 [Paul Doyle]: Just added a new subwiki: Pauly Book Character Meme Questionaire which just might reveal a little more about the first novel, without revealing too much. (Pauly the Anthro-Dragon is not in the novel, by the way!)

2007-01-11 [Paul Doyle]: I am currently finishing a rough draft of a query letter which I will be sending to publishers. If you are on my friends list, please give feedback and tell me where I could improve the letter? Much appreciated. I'll have it posted in a friends-only diary post.

2007-01-11 [Paul Doyle]: (And yes, at long last I am now trying to get the thing published! :P)

2007-01-11 Paul Doyle: test (this is Pauly)

2007-01-11 [Paul Doyle]: For those who can read this diary entry, here ya go. Please give me feedback through private messages. <diary:897439> Also, this page may now be commented upon by not logged in users who have the option to put their name next to their comments.

2007-03-21 [Fizban]: <_<...ummm

2007-03-21 [Paul Doyle]: Offensive outside-Elftown comment deleted. Seems to be one of those automatically generated spam comments that tend to clog up people's website guestbooks. Yes, I think sexy Asian women are alluring. No, I don't need a porn-site link provided to me. Therefore, bye-bye to the spam. Running a spyware scan, not that I think it'll make a difference.

2007-03-24 [Paul Doyle]: Apparently these exported wikis are easily spammed. I'll preserve this comment, report on the "Bugs" forum, and ask if anything can be done about it.

2007-03-25 [nokaredes]:! A good argument for not exporting wikis...

2007-03-25 [Fizban]: I never export mine lol..and now I have a good excuse...

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