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Pauly's Novel Pictures


Phil at the Gate

In a flashback, a three year old Phil Telkar discovers his unusual powers. While in an altered state of consciousness, his disembodied awareness visits an interdimensional prison, where he has his first encounter with the Yourubi 

The first novel illustration I did, in Summer 2004. Also one of the first pictures I ever inked and colored. I may yet redo this one (messed up proportions, etc) but the overall mood captures the eerieness of the novel scene perfectly. I never did a seperate ink-only version of this pic.

Jak'edrac's Shared Vision

Jan/Feb 2005


The chief dragon character, Jak'edrac sel'Gury, has a vision of the far future, one that is shared by his mate Jul'eweisa, the main (human) character Phil, and his girlfriend/future wife Tracy.

It's not as rosy as it seems . . . and it is a foreshadowing of something that happens in my yet-to-be-written fifth novel.

The terraformed alien tropical paradaise is actually an exile planet. The actual scene doesn't happen for about another 70 years ;-) 


Goodbye, Sanderston

Late 2004---Early 2005


Finally finished inking.

Yes, that is a tactical warhead detonating several miles away in the valley. Yes, that was their home. fortunately, it had been abandoned in time. Characters are (from left to right) Jak'edrac (of course), Tracy, Phil (the main character) and George.

Jak'edrac is very sad for them, although he is separated from Jul'eweisa (his life-mate) by a planet---and is doubly melancholy.

Fortunately, they all find a safe, comfortable, loving new home at the end of Book One :-)

MENTAL NOTE: Must . . . start . . . using . . . human figure references! (I used no direct references---just my imagination, memories of the Chicago Bulls basketball jersey, and memories of viewing old footage of US nuclear tests in the Nevada desert in the 1950s.


Finished. I hope my coloring is improving. I think I'm slowly getting more skilled . . . I hope? o_O

Underwater Chase

Spring 2005

Stranded from Jul'eweisa, his adored mate-for-life, and clinging onto life in Book One, Jak'edrac thinks of better times.

They motivate him ;-)


Safe For Work . . . rated PG . . . no parts showing, no "winking" (my dragonesses have that ability), etc.

This scene is actually a a happy flashback---something Jak'edrac thinks about, something that actually happened before the events of Novel One, when the two of them had a completely different perception of "reality".

He misses her.


Stranded from Jul'eweisa, his adored mate-for-life, and clinging onto life in Book One, Jak'edrac thinks of better times.

They motivate him ;-)

The cave is being telekinetically opened by the dragoness, Jul'eweisa (it's halfway open in the picture).

My dragons cannot breathe water, yet they have extra-sized lungs with pouches (like birds) and there is just a short swim to the surface inside the well-furnished cave (given to the couple by Jul'eweisa's clan, who maintain the place when Jak'edrac and Jul'eweisa do not need its intimate privacy).

Healthy, well-conditioned dragons like to happily roar in situations that would frighten humans.

Attempted Assassination

February 2005---October 2005


Finally finished the inking. Lot of errors, but oh well. I had to finish it.

Jak'edrac sel'Gury (the dragon) is using his limited psionic healing powers to stop the pain and bleeding of Mayx-Fesh (the demonic-looking alien), who has just been shot several times by the bad guy's disgruntled associate, and is twitching in a pool of its own blood. Meanwhile, an entirely TOO uglily-drawn Phil Telkar (the main character of my forthcoming five-novel sequence) is trying to get help.

The colored final product will be an illustration for my already completed, copyright-registered (but yet to be published) 595-page, 346,607 word first novel, Telkar Chronicles: Book One (the working title, until a permanent name can be finalized)


And this is it, finished, regardless of obvious errors. The custard-looking stuff coming out of Mayx-Fesh is Yourubi blood. I went a little overboard with its quantity o__O

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2005-10-19 [shir t.]: One picture that has attracted my eye more than the rest is the b\w one with the two dragons (6 from the top). It seems more carefully detailed than the rest, and the lines in it are very clear.

2005-10-19 [Paul Doyle]: I save the inked versions because my coloring skills aren't very good (I've been tempted to print out inked versions, and re-color them!) , and it's the B&W starkness that make them more striking. I believe I did this one  in straight 0.25 pen, with the exception of touch-up work and highlights done in 0.7 pen.  The last few I've done in 0.35 and up. Maybe I ought to get back to the 0.25 and smaller inks, and stop buying pens in starter packs (to save money) :P

2005-10-19 [Paul Doyle]: Needless to say, I have a LOT to learn, and I've no illusions I'm on the threshold of a commercialy viable illustration career :S

2005-10-19 [shir t.]: Hahahah, I'm using B2, and they're good for EVERYTHING, if you ask me...Plus, I would suggest that you should try using pencil colours rather than pastels, because you're good with the pencil... and so the colouring will also be better.

2005-10-19 [Paul Doyle]: I've been using regular Prismacolor pencils up to this point :)

2005-10-31 [Zab]: You have a lot of nice details and so in your images, and great expressions! Hm..hower sometimes you seem to have a little problem perspective and angles (I think that's the english names..><) like in the last one here, the head of the dragon: the chin/nose is made from beneth, but still the eye is from the side.. I've alson noticed that the iris and pupil always is in the middle of the eye..but that's maybe ment to be? :) I'm just trying to help you on your way, sorry for my bad english skills..XD

2005-11-02 [Paul Doyle]: Jak'edrac's eyes have lost their focus as he is using his limited psionic powers to temporarily heal the Yourubi (the fallen alien demon creature). If I did re-do that picture (and I may just do that, because there are a lot of mistakes) I would do the following: (1) fix the chin/nose/head alignment ; (2) Fix Phil's face ; (3) make the moon's lighting effects more dramatic ; (4) Decrease the blood loss, because anything that's lost that much blood that quickly will most likely not survive. This scene has happened about ten seconds after Mayx-Fesh has been shot five times by the bad guy's disgruntled associate. Mayx-Fesh is still twitching spasmodically, although in a few moments (MORE)

2005-11-02 [Paul Doyle]: Jak'edrac will have successfully relaxed Mayx's muscles and nerves, so he can (for a short period of time, through psionic powers) clot the blood and bind the fragile, all-but-torn-apart organs.Mayx-Fesh is pretty much "neutral" , but it ("it", because Yourubi are either hermaphroditic or asexual) is actually an honest, sometimes affectionate character who will survive the first novel.

2005-11-02 [Zab]: ok.. Sounds like you can do it all again, and improove^^

2005-11-02 [Paul Doyle]: If possible publishers are interested in including the pictures, I think I will have to re-do some, or all, of them. I also notice the horns are messed up. :b

2005-11-02 [Zab]: Good luck! ^_^ I hope you get them in.^^

2006-09-22 [Lady of Lore]: nice work ^_^ It's good to see a fellow striving novelist ^_^ though you've done many more illustrations than i have...good work, Keep it up :)

2006-09-22 [Paul Doyle]: Thanks :) Life circumstances and a healthy dose of procrastination have had me dragging my heels, but I will try to get the thing published, the old fashioned way :)

2009-03-18 [organicparadox]: do you lay down perspective lines when you draw, paul? i do, and it is instrumental in my ability to communicate my story properly in each piece. you might also want to try a new mediums for the same subject matter. doing 5 versions of the same pic is not uncommon amongst the old painting masters (van gogh, monet, etc). i do it as practice, leaving the last version i make for the medium i love most. that way i am comfortable with my subject matter, i have worked out all the mechanical issues, and can go about the visual puzzles you have to work out with a clear vision of how i want to incorporate deeper concepts (overall hue and tone, atmosphere and bounce light, bllah cla blah)

2009-03-21 [Paul Doyle]: I've never laid down perspective lines . . . that just goes to show how little art education I have. I simply do not know because I have never had the art education (though I am willing to learn, give ample time and energy). I just get something in my head, then I transfer it to paper in a much choppier, less efficient fashion than I do when I am writing.

Given the time and energy, I would do ALL of these pictures over again. When I sent the novel to the US Library of Congress, I deliberately left these pictures out.

2009-03-23 [organicparadox]: well, if you are interested, learning perspective is the foundation of how i learned to drawing everything. from lamps to collarbones, perspective lends itself to every aspect of the visual medium. some people learn through form and colour, others through light and shade. just pick one of those when you get some free time, google it and see which one works best for your eyes. i bet you'd see 1000% improvement in how you translate what you see in your head and what comes out on paper. you render really good, just your base forms are out of perspective often is all. i like your style

2009-03-25 [Paul Doyle]: Thank you, and especially thanks for the encouragement :)

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