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2005-09-02 11:40:49
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All images in here are [SpiralDragon]s...MINE!

If you want to post my art somewhere ask me first! and if you don't follow these rules!...Trust me

Pure Dragons my big dragon wiki!






I love how this dragon came out!wow *gives him a hug!*


awww he's so cute! hes very playfull! so sure pet him!



I love this dragon! he can blow fire and ice!



this is the dragon I did with a lead pencil!
awh so much detail!!!

another cute winter dragon!



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2005-08-15 [SpiralDragon]: *runs around* ahh Im so confused now...Y.Y

2005-08-15 [Zab]: Aww! *watches* why?

2005-08-15 [SpiralDragon]: I don't know? if I knew I wouldn't be confused! *lol* well Have a good night I got to go...T.T (don't wanna) but my dad kicking me off again...GRRR bye! *hugs*

2005-08-15 [Zab]: bye! See ya.

2005-08-23 [Patri]: Great dragons!!! A lot of them!!!! Good job Paul :-)

2005-08-23 [SpiralDragon]: Thank you Patri *is very happy* ^___^

2005-08-24 [Zab]: ^____^ agrees with Patri.

2005-09-05 [, , , , , , , , ,]: great job on both the hand shaded dragons and the computer colored ones. I wish mine came out that good

2005-10-09 [The Monochrome Rainbow]: i like the way you tweaked a lot of those. very well done.

2005-10-12 [SpiralDragon]: ^_^ thanks! but I was only having fun when I did them I really never tried to use my program to the fullest T.T meh...but thankies!

2005-11-27 [pixietrick55]: very realistic, they look like they will fly out!!!

2005-11-28 [SpiralDragon]: Thank you pixietrick55 ^_^

2005-12-01 [WolfDragon]: Nice pictures <^.^> Very well drawn and colored very colorfully :P I love em ^.^

2005-12-01 [SpiralDragon]: And they love you too! =3 *lol*

2005-12-01 [SpiralDragon]: What?... really? oh they say your very cute and colorfull too! :D *lol*

2005-12-18 [Islanzadi]: wow... thoes drawings are really good! sheesh! makes mine look a little... lame... XD

2006-01-19 [SpiralDragon]: Yours arn't lame. :) trust me ^_^

2006-02-03 [Ladyeternalflame]: What great dragon pics. I love 'em. your dragons are so cute, I like how they have short snouts. You are good at drawing dragons. please go to my house and go to the link to my Elfwood gallery, i have some cute dragons there.

2006-02-12 [SpiralDragon]: Sure thing ;)

2006-09-23 [Eyonic]: ooooooooooo, pretty dragons!!!

2007-03-12 [Demon Epona]: Great Dragons!!!! ^^ I really like the thrird drawing! (black and white dragon)

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