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How to make a good password

A good password should be possible to remember and it should be secure.

Bad password

Don't select a word, a name nor an obvious keyboard-line like §12345 or qwerty as your password! Breaking such passwords doesn't even take a second!

Best is if your password is with upper and lower case letters, contains numbers and another character. For example DeDT£f5%

Protecting passwords

Never use the same password for two different systems! Systems administrators can, in one way or another, read your password (even if they say they never store passwords). So if one of the systems you're using is compromised, that password is also compromised. Even if you're using something like the site's name's 2 first letters and then 4$3jQwA, it's still a mentionable safety risk. 

Remembering passwords

If you remember your password, then it's a risk because you might get drunk and tell someone... But you have to risk your password, otherwise you'll do nothing else than trying to remember passwords. So what to do:

1) Make a memorable password. You can for example come up with a silly sentence like "I love 2 3at £ with 7 horny Anna." (Il23£w7hA) and it will be pretty easy to remember.

2) Write it down! Yes, I know that any stupid security-policy says that you shouldn't, but it's better that you do and protect the thing you have written down. Put it somewhere safe and don't tell anyone (see below) about it!

3) Tell someone else that you really really trust to have a note about it too. It has to be someone that you know will not turn on you, and if they do, that you can manage without that password. Please note that if the other person is careless with your password... Go figure!

4) Make sure your computer is safe! Go into an Internet-cafe and what you do by logging in somewhere is basically asking if someone wants your passwords. Hopefully no one will understand your language, but it's unsafe. And if you store passwords on your computer, then someone (or some program) that gets into your computer will get the passwords. On the opposite: if your harddisk crashes, then you'll lose your passwords.


Make up a password like %5hGQk)g and then write it down, put it in a safe under your pillow and tell your cousin on the other side of the globe that the passwords are there, in case you die and someone then needs access to that account.

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