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2011-05-31 21:48:25
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Paranormal Entity review

Directed by Shane Van Dyke

Starring Shane Van Dyke, Erin Marie Hogan & Fia Perera

Deemed a "mockbuster" by wikipedia, this is a movie that is eerily similar to Paranormal Activity. I discovered it on netflix, and thought Why not?. This was not a good thought to have. It was awful. Pretty much there's a daughter, mother and son. The father died, and the daughter has been hearing voices in her room. Her brother is an outright prick. Stuff starts happening, mom leaves the house... And then the daughter is raped, midair, by a spirit or something. ... What?

Basically, it was horrible. Avoid this, for your sake, and mine. The acting was terrible, there was no real plot, it wasn't even scary! I wasted precious time on this when I could have watched another movie. Ofta.

/ [Akayume]

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