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Paranormal Activity review

Directed by Oren Peli

Starring Katie Featherston, Micah Sloat & Mark Fredrichs

This movie is similar to The Blair Witch Project in the sense that it is filmed by a camera the actors "own", so it seems more realistic. This movie also deals with spooky stuff, although this one does not happen out in the woods, and instead happens in their home. In this case we have a young couple, Micah and Katie, who have been experiencing some weird stuff as of late, and it seems to revolve around Katie, who says she's had strange things happen to her all her life.

They videotape mostly what happens in the bedroom (and sorry, you don't get to see any kinky stuff), and the incidents are at first small and minute, and become increasingly scary and threatening.

I liked this movie. It actually frightened me at points, which I enjoy. I haven't heard the same for everyone, however (since I do know someone who fell asleep watching this). I like it because it seems real, and the "scary stuff" isn't too outlandish, and whatever special effects they used were pretty good for their low budget.

If you like horror films, check this one out.
/ [Akayume]

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