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Paranormal Activity 2 review

Directed by Tod Williams

Starring Katie Featherston, Micah Sloat & Molly Ephraim

This is the second movie in the Paranormal Activity series, and it is set before the events of the first movie. This movies focuses more on Katie's sister's family, as she and her new husband have just had a baby boy. Katie and her sister talk, and we discover that there hasn't been a baby boy in the family for generations, and that there was a rumor that an ancestor of theirs made a deal with the devil to get rick. Spooky! I won't share any more for fear of spoiling the movie, but it is nice to finally figure out what the heck was going on in the first movie.

S'oke. It's not nearly as good as the first, and it seems cheesy in a lot of parts. It did have a few good scares, however, so don't get too disappointed.

And great news! They're got a third they're planning to release October 2011! Hold on to your pants kiddies!
/ [Akayume]

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2011-07-08 [Sideways]: I agree. Though I'd go as far as to say PA1 was dissapointing but at least well paced and tense. PA2 in my opinion was a steaming pile of dog sh*t.

2011-07-09 [Akayume]: Bleh. The first one at least was.... Yeah. Too tired to coherently comment. XP

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