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Pantene Pro-V Restoratives review

I am only slightly ashamed to admit that it takes me quite a while these days to remember what my natural hair colour is. Currently, I’m a blonde, and before that, my hair was green, blonde, violet, brown, red, black, red…hmm…I can’t quite remember what came before that. I never liked my natural hair colour, which was an ashy, dirty-dishwater blonde that almost looked gray in certain lighting. As soon as I was able to, which I believe was at the age of fourteen, I began my hair-dying adventure. As a result of processing my hair so much, I have often had to hack it all (or almost all) off in order to begin anew, as my hair often and quickly became so dry and brittle that at some points, I would lose great clumps of my hair simply by brushing it out. 

Last October, I decided to cut my hair short (which here means, shorter than that pixie look that some women can pull off but it turns out that I really cannot) and to grow out my natural colour. This decision was mostly due to the fact that I was tired of having to wear my hair so short all of the time in order to accommodate the rainbow of colours I wanted to wear upon my head each year and only slightly out of curiosity to see if I had any real gray hairs lurking around in there. Luckily for me, there were no grays; however, my hair was still the same mousy colour that it had always been. I managed to hold out until early February without dying it, but when I did dye it, I sure did a number on it. First I bleached my hair using a color stripper, which didn’t do much but lighten my hair a shade or two. Then I used bleach peroxide, which effectively whitened my hair in the places that the peroxide had been the most concentrated on, but only dried out every other area on my head that the chemicals touched. Afterwards, the violet semi-permanent hair colour was applied, after that, another round of bleaching, lightening, and the general blonding up of my head, then another round of green semi-permanent hair dye, and lastly, a decent amount of hair washes right in a row to remove the offending bright colour. Suffice it to say that by the end of THAT, my hair was pretty effectively parched and more than a little brittle. After a single episode of trying to brush out my dry hair, which involved my eyes watering and my scalp sore from the tangled hair being yanked, I decided it was time for a good hair moisturizer. 

I have almost always been a fan of Pantene when it comes to hair products. Their prices are low to reasonable, and their products are sound. This time, for my hair care problems, I chose for myself a 7.6 Fl oz tub of Pantene Pro-V Restoratives, a Time Renewal Replenishing Mask that spectacularly quenches dehydrated hair, leaving hair supple and restored while shielding it from damage. The tub itself is mostly white in colour, with a dark, blue-black, twist on/off cap that covers the entire top of the plastic jar. The thick, white, creamy product within the tub smells positively delightful, fruity and warm, like all of the most appealing scents of a hair salon. The product exactly resembles a thick cream rinse or conditioner, which is great as that is essentially what it is, a leave-in conditioner. The product is thick yet manageable, it leaves no sticky residue on one’s fingers, hair, or scalp as it is applied, and the luscious scent does not dissipate at all as the product sits atop one’s head, being absorbed into one’s hair follicles. 

Directions for use are ridiculously easy, all one need do is, after their usual shower, squeeze excess water from hair after shampooing. Apply Pro-V Restoratives Replenishing Mask liberally to one’s hair. For deep conditioning, leave on hair for five minutes, and then rinse the product out. One may use the product once a week or more often than that if needed for deep conditioning. As one rinses, their hair will feel silky, smooth, and conditioned. This product is gentle on chemically or color-treated hair. The product recommends that for best results, one ought to use this product with Pantene Pro-V Restoratives Time Renewal Shampoo and Conditioner. However, I simply use this product after using my preferred brand of shampoo, which is not the recommended one, and my hair is still just as silky and moistened as the tub says it will be. 

Normally, since purchasing Pro-V Restoratives Replenishing Mask, I have used this product in my hair every other day. As a result, my hair does not appear and/or feel to be greasy, not is it still dry and brittle. I love the way that the product leaves my hair feeling and smelling, and even after my hair is fixed from my dying-disaster, I plan to continue to use this product to keep my hair in excellent condition. Therefore, I strongly recommend this product to everyone with dry, damaged, or brittle hair; it has definitely been a hair-saver for me!

/ [Nioniel]

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