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Ginny looked out her window onto the lake. "Its a nice day out." She muttered to herself, "I'm sure Palmer will want to go out there today."

There was a knock at the door but before Ginny could answer, Franky came bursting through. "Well hello there!" She grinned, shoving a cup of coffee into Ginny's hands, "Thought you might need some." She followed Ginny into the kitchen and sat down at the table, "I have news on that new case Nate's on."

"Oh." Ginny mumbled, staring at the coffee, "What about?"

Franky leaned close towards Ginny, "When you first moved up here, did you ever hear about a missing girl named Bethany Kingston?"

"Not that I can remember, no." Ginny muttered. She looked around the kitchen, looking for something to clean or fix, but found nothing. She sighed as she realized that when you never leave he house, things tend to get done. She looked back at Franky, "Why, do you know her?"

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