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2005-11-06 03:24:01
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You ride your carrage into a silvered gate of delicate yet impervious nature. The wheels rumble over a cobblestoned driveway that leads up to a huge fountain of two massive cats fighting one another. Just before you go right into the fountain your driver turns an abrupt right and circles around the fountain giving you a misting. He parks you infront of a sprawling palace that looks like it is both made out of and mixed into the country side. The entrance to this palace is a pair of ancient white oak trees. Their branches reach over to caress one another lovingly as you enter at thier roots. You notice they are indeed the tallest trees in this countryside dwarfing all the others and making the decorative dogwoods lining thier bases look like grass. You walk up to golith sized double doors and pull a string. They open soundlessly thier wieght apparently well distributed on thier hinges. you walk into the foryer and see...

you walk into a huge foyer with tapestries from every century. many look singed on the edges and some are currently being cared for by palace servants. the ceiling holds a massive candle shandelier. (forgive my spelling!!) the light shining from the candles blaze many tiny rainbows around the room. you look to the center and there is a ebon table with a beautiful beuquet(i don't get them enough to care how they are spelled) of pure white a blue roses. the rarest known.

A sweeping stairway flares to the floor in grand fashion and is covered in rich dark blue velvet. The windows shine sunlight in through many hued class. Arrangements of flowers and statues of animals and elves are every where. Thier fine chisled working is of master craftsmen.

At the top of the stair is a nook with the statue of a fair elven maiden over her head a cresent moon and at her side a large cat. It's age is more then one would think with it's crisp finely chisled details. The sent of flowers is strong but they are wild and underneath them you smell something that makes your blood tingle and your heart bump a little harder.

Walking up the stairs one has to choose...left or right?

Left there is an ornate door that leads to the dining room and further to the kitchen. The dining room has a ebony silver inlayed table that is milinia old. This looks as old as the crystal palace it's self. It's thick black legs end in a lion's claw gripping a round pebble of sapphire.

One goes out the door they came from and walk to the other side of the stair. This door opens into a hall where at the end lies yet another stair. The heavy doors line the hallway and open into the guest rooms. these are reserved for Nobles and ambasators from other countries. they all show the lavish hand of royalty... in good taste.
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2004-02-11 [Cougar]: alright no killing me for spelling just fix it if you see something wrong. ^^

2004-02-12 [Lexicon]: Looks good :) nice entry for any who enter

2004-02-12 [Cougar]: not done yet. ^-^ got tons to type. palaces are rather big and that isn't all of the foyer yet! ^0^

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