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Pain of Salvation - Be review

Be is the 5th studio album by Pain of Salvation and its concept deals with the existence of God and humans. It's set in a fictional world and it begins with a narration. It's an album filled with beautiful melodies, contrast and sounds just like a soundtrack at some points. The band also performed it as a Rock Opera which was published as "BE" live DVD. Pain of Salvation had an orchestra play with them in this album, called "The orchestra of eternity"
This album is almost impossible to review acurately. You'll have to listen for yourself. It's an albumyou'll either love or hate. There are no inbetweens.

01. Animae Partus ("I am") - A God Is Born ("I Am")

This begins with the melody of&nbsp; Martius/Nauticus II and is a Narration of a being (Animae) that seems to have no memory of when he/she/it didn't exist and ends with the words "I will call myself GOD and I will spend the rest of forever trying to figure out who I am"

"BE" (CHINASSIAH) (loose translation fragile messiah)

I Animae Partus

02. Deus Nova - New God.
A beautiful instrumental piece that filled me with awe as it started listing the growth of human population through the millenia up to year 2000AD. Very intense.

03. Imago (Homines Partus) - Imago (Man Is Born)
This is a folk-like song about the creation of mankind and a preview of its arrogance "See me! I am the one creation
Hear me! I am all the love that came from Animae"

04. Pluvius Aestivus - Summer Rain
(The Story of Man Begins)

A heartbreaking instrumental piece

II Machinassiah
Of Gods& Slaves

05. Lilium Cruentus (Deus Nova) - Blood Stained Lily (New God).

A song about losing people you love, about grief and dealing with death. Beautiful music, playing between intense and peaceful melodies

06. Nauticus (Drifting) - Nauticus (Drifting).
&nbsp;Nauticus is "the smartest space probe " ever made and drifts through space trying to help Earth be saved by itself

07. Dea Pecuniae - Goddess of Money

A musical-like song revolving around Mr. Money who is trying to buy immortality through cryogenics.

III Machinageddon

08. Vocari Dei - Messages to God
Also described as "God's answering machine" this is real people leaving messages on an answering machine that was published through PoS's newsletter. PoS asked their fans to call and tell the answering machine whatever they would want to tel God. The music in combination with all those people pouring their hearts out has me in tears every time

09. Diffidentia (Breaching the Core) - Disobedience(Breaching The Core)
&nbsp;Imago (Human) begins to defy Animae (God). A song with a taste of Dark Years, Blood and Disobedience

10. Nihil Morari - Nothing Remains
(Homines Fabula Finis) - The Story of Man Comes To An End&nbsp;&nbsp;

Imago begins to realise they have, well, fucked up the world and wonders how they can survive if they keep acting like fools. Recurring melody from "Deus Nova" reciting population growth through years 2010-2050

IV Machinauticus
11. Latericius Valete - If You Are Strong, Be Strong
The end of mankind. Apocalypse. Billions killed.

12. Omni - Everything
In this song someone is hoping Nauticus will return to save humans. Beautiful organ music

13. Iter Impius - Wicked Path
A beautiful, heartbreaking post-apocalypse song about Mr. Money waking up to a dead world.

14. Martius/Nauticus II
Nauticus returns. One of the prettiest melodies in the album with a recurring melody of Imago

V Deus Nova Mobile

15. Animae Partus II
The album ends in the same manner as it begins "I AM!"


*Daniel Gildenlöw - Vocals, choirs, voices, harmony vocals; electric and acoustic guitar; mandola; Chinese archo; keyboards; percussion on toms, rototoms, mandola (body), eggs, floors, broken cymbals and what-have-you; samplers and programming.
*Fredrik Hermansson - Grand piano, harpsichord and keyboards; percussion on large toms;
*Johan Hallgren - Electric and acoustic guitars; harmony vocals; percussion on congas.
*Johan Langell - drums; backing vocals; percussion on djembe and cowbell.
*Kristoffer Gildenlöw - Bass and Fretless bass; double bass; harmony vocals; percussion on congas.

The Orchestra of Eternity:

*Mihai Cucu - 1st violin
*Camilla Arvidsson - 2nd violin
*Kristina Ekman - viola
*Magnus Lanning - cello
*Åsa Karlberg - flute
*Anette Kumlin - oboe
*Nils-Åke Pettersson - clarinet
*Dries van den Poel - bass clarinet
*Sven-Oloe Juvas - tuba

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