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2007-08-23 22:11:00
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Pagan Links for the Guild of Pagans.

A pagan census: sus/census.html

Wonderful and very helpful Pagan supplies site:

very helpful site with information, supplies and tid-bits on just about every sect and various other pagan religions and magick-related topics --

Very popular site:
This one is mainly for England, but there are links for the rest of the world there too. Have a look, it's rather good. - I believe this will soon be a private group, but I'm not sure whether or not this means you will not be able to view it without membership...anyway, its full of great stuff..herb lore, all sorts of plant remedies, check it out!!-Nere

new 2006 posting....a festival for any who may be interested...even if you just have a boo, and tell [ave]

Cool but pointless link that I thought people would like! it has faries and angels in it but it also has really cheesy music!

Gothic Martha Stuart Craft Links- (

Neo-Pagan folk band Omnia:

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2003-12-24 [Lioness2]: Also, a main website for Pagans in England, but also for links to worldwide pages, is......:  http/

2004-03-19 [Lady In Black]: Anyone have a website with information about past scrying?

2004-03-20 [Nere]: yeap...covernstead...... i think I put a link in the wiccan room...but it's probably in the Old Wiccan Room now :P

2004-03-27 [Lady In Black]: Ah, thanks. I thought I'd seen one somewhere, but couldn't find it. :)

2004-12-13 [Basheba]: im looking to join your group

2004-12-14 [Nere]: Well... try the main page... Guild of Pagans

2005-01-07 [Froya]: Anyone know where I could find a site with a good protection spell? I had one but have misplaced it.

2007-08-23 [Melocrie]: Why on earth do they sell voodoo and cursing stuff at

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