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Pick a Prompt 2

Writing Entries


Place each entry on a separate wiki-page and add the link below this line with your username and prompt.

1. Distance by Triola - [Triola] - milestone, vibrant, giant, space, fear, pollution, token, symbol, smile, love, road, misunderstanding (yes, I did try to use as many as possible <.<)
2. TAoS - In death is love eternal - [Nocturnaliss] - love, sad
3. The Last AI - [blu.nation] - Prompts: technology
4.The Fool and the Thief - [wicked fae mage] ~Love~
5. P's Story: Scream - [little flag] - Prompts: distance, sad
6. Moving - [pegasus1000] - vibrant
7. Mixed Mythology - [Flisky] - treasure, sword, notes, distance (picked by random roll of the dice)
8. The Storm.- [Eyden13]- Thunder & Fear
9. Road - [Roma] - Road, token, symbols, milestone, bruise, thunder, treasure, distance

Username (or number or email):


2009-07-08 [Linderel]: Yay Trin-entry! \o/

2009-07-08 [Triola]: :D Always ;)

2009-07-18 [Chimes]: *will enter* *WILL!*

2009-07-19 [Duke Devlin]: Aye. *raises hand* I'z entering.

2010-01-21 [Nocturnaliss]: Question: would it be okay to link to where my story already is uploaded here on ET, so to not have to create another page just for this contest ? ... I don't like wasting internet space and duplicating things, if I can avoid it.

2010-01-21 [Linderel]: Certainly.

2010-01-21 [Nocturnaliss]: Magnificent :3 with this I'm done uploading three entries <<

2011-02-11 [Roma]: So I take it length is negotiable?

2011-02-11 [Linderel]: Yes. I'll take anything from a three-line poem to a 5000-word story. :)

2011-02-11 [Roma]: Wahoo, I just finished my entry and am making a wiki page for it as we speak. Great prompts too, I really enjoyed this challenge. :D

2011-02-12 [Linderel]: ^___^

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