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Ticking Away

Look at the clock
he said in a devilish tone,
she knew what time it was
without having to look.
Time for her
to return to the place
she hated so much,
no more watching
her children grow up,
no more hearing them laugh.
Back to eternal darkness,
back to bitter cold and complete darkness.
Can't I stay for just five more minutes
she pleaded with him,
the look he sent her
was sharp with knives
making her wince in pain,
reminding her of the place
of which she had to return.
Wishing she could undo the past
make her return to the life
that she loved.
She knew she had to go back to the hell,
that awaited her.
Drip, drip, drip
she could hear the blood
slowly leaving her body
as she walked reluctantly
into the dark imaging the torment
that awaited her at the end of the tunnel.
Ever so faintly
she could hear her life slip away
without turning her head
she heard the final echo
of the grandfather clock.


A single rose
placed upon her bed
left to wil and wither
quietly into dust.
A single tear drop
escapes her once dry eyes,
there's nothing else
left for her to say.
Not a single word,
to describe the pain
she's feeling inside.
A single word,
she had finally learned to trust
had turned around and betrayed,
her once innocent soul.
A single glance at the snapshots
hung around the empty and spacious room,
makes her start thinking about the past,
that she wishes
she could forget.
With two small words,
she says good-bye
to the single thing
she ha begun to rely on,
something as simple
as one single word,


I'm standing out here in the cold rain
finger to the trigger,
of the gun pressed against the temple
of my head.
I swear that I've been out there
for an eternity,
searching for the reason
my life got so screwed up,
awaiting the courage to finally
pull this evil trigger.
Been in this situation
so many times before,
I awalys find some stupid reason
to opull the gun away
but not this time.
No reason to live
no one cares they're never there
when i yell out their name
I'm completely soaked
by this rain
it's mingling witht he tears
streaming down my face
gripping the fun
just the slightest bit harder.
I scream good-bye hoping you all hear,
hoping you all got what you wanted.
After the next twitch of my finger,
my life will finally be over.

Winning A Losers Race

Slowly but surely
I can win this race,
this race to be someone I'm not.
No one knows the person growing inside us,
the voice in our head
has grown silent,
no use in it speaking up any longer,
all we do is tell it to be quiet.
We want to fit in,
to be like everyone else.
Take away our uniqueness,
turn us into copies.
Copies of a self-made devil
sent to banish our once innocent souls
to a place that exists only in our nightmares.
Copies of our parents dream
only knowing the roads they tell us to take.
We're not old enough, or wise enoug
to make our own decisions they say.
How would they know?
Pressure to succeed, to become something great,
to fit in with the right crowd.
It's all so much more important now.
They couldn't possibly understand.
A few more paces left to go,
I can see the prize up ahead.
A glowing magical piece of forever.
As I grow closer, I stretch my arm out to grab it.
It turns to ashes,
just like my soul.
Like my once proud uniqueness
it fades away into the dark.
Left with only tattered dreams of others
I like to call my own.
I am nothing more than a winner,
a winner of a losers race
to become something
I can't possibly become.

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