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[cheersweetie4] 's Poems

here are some of my poems [cheersweetie4]

I don't want to cry tonight,
I am going to try to be strong,
My life feels like it always goes upside down whenever something good happens,

I don't want to cry tonight,
And I shouldn't because its not my fault,
That you don't care about how other people feel except yourself,

I don't want to cry tonight,
Because I might never see my best friends ever again,
Or that my dreams may never come true,

I don't want to cry tonight,
Because I realized the kid I like may never be mine,
Or that I realized everyone dies,

I won't cry tonight,
‘caz I am strong,
and I have my whole life ahead of me to bring my life upwards instead of down.

i made this poem caz i was in a fight with one of my real good friends and i missed all my friends that are out of state!

I DREAM [cheersweetie4]
I dream I live in a world of candy and with everything I liked,
I dream I will be rich and have everything I want,
I dream I will be able to help the world out,
I dream I could break up wars and make everyone be friends,
I dream there was no such thing as hate,
I dream I could find a cure of everything,
I dream there was no such thing as poverty or death,
I dream that my family and I will always be healthy,
I dream for a lot more things and maybe one day some of my dreams will come true!

i made this poem....i dk

CASTAWAY CAY [cheersweetie4]

Do you want to get away?
From stress and work plus everything?
Where nice water surrounds this island,
And many places to relax,

The weather is fantastic,
Usually sunny,
The water is clean, and the temperature is just right,
The air is rich and clean,
O boy do I want to go back,

When I was there,
I hung out with my cruise friends,
And my family hung out at the beach,
Where they waited till I came back,

For then we went shopping,
At the store,
Where everything was Disney,
And I wanted it all,

The best vacation I ever went on was the Disney Cruise Line because,
It brings you to,
Castaway Cay

i made this poem because i had a great day there when i was on my cruise and i miss it alot

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