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2005-02-10 21:55:43
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[alexandra]'s poems

come to me
come to me
when you're scared and lonely
left alone, or left behind
come to me
when you're sad and hurting
not a sweeter heart you'll find
come to me
when you're bare and bleeding
i'll gently pick you up
come to me
when the worlds against you
i'll give you all my luck
come to me
when you need somebody
to hold you and let you cry
come to me
when you're broken hearted
i'll love you more than life
come to me
with all i ask- a pure and loving soul
come to me
that’s all I ask.
come and make me whole.
  *written to my boyfriend after he told me his parents were abusive.*

tears are only waterfalls
falling from my eyes
you'll hear no sound come from my lips
i am what i despise.
so plunge a dagger in my chest
and watch my blood run down
it would end my suffering
i beg you do it now.
* what can i say? i was depressed
something about it seems so funny now...*

part of the last song of the third age.
hold me close
for if all i feel is your love, then i know
i am strong
we have lived
we have loved
we have faltered
and we now will pass
and the world will have freedom at last.

angels dont always have wings
sometimes angels dont have wings
instead they wear
   black leather
     studded collars
        and dog chains
sometimes angels dont wear halos
instead they have
   green hair
     pierced eyebrows
        and belly button rings.
sometimes there are no
   flowing white robes
     no auras of goodness
        and no fantastic miracles...
only politicians
     and blood on the walls.

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2005-02-11 [CuriousityKills]: i enjoy the last one very much so.

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