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[circus snatch] 's Poems

Will you take my black hand of Death
Identical to yours
When the time long awaited...has come
And your eyes are at long last... open
I'll be waiting for you in our place
Heart shattered and hopeful
Waiting for the love you hesitate to give
Like looking in a mirror
Can you learn to love yourself?
-Akio My friend steph is having some troubles, I suppose I was just writing and the last part addresses her.

Hopelessly believing in Eternity
Truest hearts all bleeding
Wishing in the highest
Sacrifice for the blessing
I cannot give my all
Theres not enough to give
Prove yourself to be real
You wont seem so transparent then.

-Akio My little rant to God, I think I actually wrote it in church.

(don't wanna be to important..) [Rainbow Dragonflies]'s poem(s)

This silence is overwhelming,
its tearing me apart,
I wish I were with you right now,
not here so far apart.
my life is alone without you,
my souls a waste of time
my eyes are drowsed and empty,
from the first time in my life
my lifes an empty hollowness,
my writings is just words.
my thoughts aren't what they used to be,
and that thought really hurts.
my life is overwhelming,
its vortex is so dull,
my past is better than my future
no one knows what i'm feeling now
no one sees what I know see
this silence is overwhelming,
its tearing me apart
i wish I were with you right now
and now so far apart

-One would only guess who this is for I'm sure...

This clock..

This clock is ticking me away,
butterflies and garden play,
dogs and cats,
friends and foes,
not much to say although,
life was great,
and still is fun,
but things have changed,
though,I wish things hadn't changed
I wish they were still the way they were,
we would be together then,
not away form eachother,
we would go fishing,
or hike in the woods,
we'd make birdhouses,
and feed the muts,
but things have changed, as I said,
nothings the same,
and thats real sad,
this clock is ticking me away,
does time exist? its hard to say.

[yes, BUT look at the next one, tells how much has changed in the last two years.]

Who knows where

You think I still love you,
through all the cruel things you've done.
I thought you loved me,
until now.
For one thing is for sure,
both of us were wrong.
Right now I couldn't hate you more
for all the things you;ve done.
you've cheated on every game,
that exists, or we used to play,
you took my love ungratefully,
and threw it all away.
You took mom's love for 17 years,
she still cries to the day.
now your, who knows where,
not even in my heart.
I haven't given this much thought,
but now I really know,
your gone forever in my heart.
I have new space there now,
though empty, quickly filling.
My mind is focused on other things,
then memories of horror.
I did not remebr then, what had happened,
on that night,
the night before your eye opened,
to find us to be gone.
the last four years have been mostly hell,
but it's finally starting to clear.
None is sobbing over out loss, because your,
who knows where.

[told yea]

Who to choose?

My heart is being ripped in two
I have no idea
what to do
I love two people
but what to do?
one lives so far away,
He doesn't know just
what to say.
But I have known him all my life,
he saved me once,
from the knife.
The other is a guy,
who isn't afraid,
to just cry.
He is a skater,
and lives so close.
but I've only known,
him for,
oh so long.
they are both my,
best of friends...
and this is how,
the story ends.
I don't know who to choose..
because either way,
I'm destined to loose..
my emotions don't usually,
work this way..
until this very,
awkward day.


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