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-_-[Black Whispers]'s Poems ^_^

I'm here alone,
In darkness and suffering,
No one heres me cry.

My friends can't trust me,
My family won't talk,
I'm here cold and wet.

Lies have formed,
Betrail will arrive,
Life has become hell.

All this happened,
All this came,
Because of her,
Because of him.
[I wrote this poem in class one day, I was so depressed.]

   I am alone in this world,
No one to look after me.
   Everyone seems so busy,
Fighting, yelling, scream.
   The world is gone,
It's just me now.
   Here I am,
   All I wanted,
Was 1 friend.
   And she's leaving,
Just like everyone else.
   So now I sit,
Staring into the sky.
   Why me? I ask,
Because you broke a promise.
   I so I turn and look,
There she is, standing.
   And a single tear,
Falls down her cheek.
   And she leaves into,
The distance, forever.
   And I still sit,
alone in this world.
[This is for my friend Caroline, I will always be there for you!]

Valentine's Day
A day for lovers, a day for loners.
A day to be loved, a day to be left alone.
A day to kiss, a day to wish.
A day to laugh, a day to cry.
A day to to recive a gift, a day to be forgotten.
A day to to believe, a day to dream.
A day for lovers, a day for loners.
[I used to love him like a brother, but now...I don't know how I feel...]

The love that was never there.
Everytime I look at you,
I just want to cry.
You want me to love you,
I don't even want to try.

You say I'm being mean,
And I just don't wait.
But my life moves faster,
And I just can't stay.

I can't stand telling you lies,
But I don't want to hurt you.
Please understand, I like you,
But I don't love you.

You stare at me and smile,
And hope I smile back.
You try to entertain me,
In hopes to make me laugh.

You look into my eyes,
And you think you know my heart.
But you know nothing of the pain,
Tearing me apart.

You want to know if I like you,
And what I say is, Yes.
But I like you, not love you,
Now, put it to rest!

I can barly stand looking at you know,
Please don't say, I love you,
Because I can't love you back...
[Written for my ex, because he drives me insane!!]

Lost and Broken
All I wanted to do is dream,
Just Sit in my room and breath.
To feel relaxed and free,
To finally just be me.

But I can't, it all has to wait,
I have to keep going, I don't get a break.
I'm tired and worn, and my body aches,
I feel my insides shatter, it all seems fake.

I can't breath, I'm sufficating,
My life seem full of nothing.
I finally understand it all, and everyone's leaving,
No one sees that inside, my heart's bleeding.

I'm finally lost, and everything's broken,
They were just lying, and joking.
They couldn't stand me smiling,
So they tortured me, and I'm lying here, dying.

So here I am, dreaming until death,
Sitting in my room, taking my last breaths.
Thank you God, I'm finally free,
And I finally can just be me.
[I can't stand my school and it's snobby preps anymore!]


Trying to Be perfect

I've lost a battle
I've never won
And all i've tried to do
Is be the perfect daughter
All just for you
I try to be courageous
I try to be kind
I try to keep my fist down
But I can't stop my mind
From thinking that what your doing
Isn't always right
I just wanted to be perfect
But all i've done is hurt you
Whats the point of living
If you aren't proud
You will never miss
Not when I hit the ground

{I wrote this when I was depressed and thought my parents hated me, and was thinking of jumping off the roof of my house}

Transcedent love

My heart is so heavy
when you are not with me.
Is such a burden if you are not here

I look at the star and see you're face
the reflection of you're deep blue eyes
just like you're planet earth.

I wacth you from the moon
and star to cry for you.

But you always rush to the moon for me.
And away my tears you wipe,
and with a sweet kiss
we soar that night.

My love is so strong
that if we shall perish
we will be reborn just to fall in love.

We are fated lovers.
By destiny bound to be together
for eternity.
We will meet again in another life ,
and fall in love just like this

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2005-02-13 [Black Whispers]: The bottom two poems belong to [Fuu] and [Coco caca].

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