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[forbidden] 's poems

*My true love*
Every breath I take
Every move I make
Revolves around him
He makes me the happiest Iv ever been
He teaches me new things and shows me new ways
Its the love that he gives me that makes me this way
I look into the ice blue of his eyes
Seeing the happyness and love of his soul
I feel the warmth of his touch on my skin
The smooth tone of his voice
Rings in my ears like an angels song
Ill never for get the words that he says
Hoping it will never end
Something inside me saying it wont
I love him to much to let him go
Missing him when hes holding me tight
Missing him more when hes away
Missing the sound of his voice when he dosent call
We are one person
In sink with each other
Finishing each others thoughts and sentences
Life will go by
He will never leave it
I will always carry a piece of you in my heart

*One love, but whose…*
Searching for a place to turn
Grieving with this pain
Loving both
But only able to have one
Seeing them both every day
Remembering what they did to me
Wanting one to come closer
But which one is it
They each have a funny side
They each have there little habits
But to whom shall i love more?
Only time will tell

*Cleaning the Slate*
It hurt us both
It will never be the same
Longing for things to change
Back to how they were
When we were happy
When we were together
Knowing that it will never be the same
Wondering if it can be some what the past
Seeing you in the hall
The look on your face
It hurts me to see
The sadness in your eyes
And hearing it in your voice
Thinking why it had to happen
Was it I, did I do it
Wanting you back
Wondering if I'm worth it
Wanting that hole to be filled
The shine in your eyes back
The look that you gave me
The tingling feeling from when you touched me
Hearing you laugh
Seeing you smile
Wanting that feeling back
The feeling of being loved
Of being thought of
Of knowing that you were there
It's gone
Longing for it to come back
Yearning for you to see
Knowing it will never be the same
For give me, I'm sorry
Ashamed of what I have done
And what i have failed to do
Hoping for a new beginning
So here it is
I'm whipping the slate clean
Nothing from the past will follow
Wondering if you will do the same

*A drop of water*
A rain drop in the sky
A dew drop on a flower
A tear drop on a babys face
Feeling it fall apon me
Seeing it slide down the peteal
Hearing it scream in fury
Knowgin what it is
Knowing the other meaing
Knowing its something deeper
A single rain drop falling
A single dew drop sliding
A single tear drop gliding

*Him and I*
Hearing his voice in my ear
feeling his skin caress mine
longing to his touch to never end
Loving every thing he does
the look he gives me when he says
"I love you"
I feel his lips upon mine
looking deeply in his eyes
they're as blue as the high noon sky
Its time to part
he says good bye
with him he takes a piece of my heart
I feel that he never truely left
knowing he'll be back again
hopeing that its some time soon.

I see the sun shine down upon mine eyes
I feel its warmth on my skin
I welcome it with an open mind and heart
Standing in a open field
Feeling the wind blow through the strands of my hair
It's intoxicating
I lie apon the ground
Feeling fatigued from the growing heat
The intoxication growing all the more
Seeing the birds fly above my head
I wonder what it's like
I close my eyes and dream away.

*Shameful in his eyes*
He walks with her from place to place
But comes to me when no ones round
Racing twards her when she comes
Leaving me there to watch their pleasures
I feel sadness in my heart but keep it inside
I long for him to come back
Stay with me one more minuet
He sees her coming so he leaves
I see him flirting more and more
I want it to stop but not brave enuph to speak
Looking for some where to go so I dont have to see
No where to go
No wherere to hide
So I mingle in the crowed waiting for the right moment
To late, there it was with her he spent that moment
I feel like he dosent want to be seen with me
Dosent like the company
Like hes ashamed of the person that I am
Im to afraid to say what I feel

*What lies ahead*
I look out at the long road ahead
It twists and turns
Some places there may be pot holes
Otheres may be as smooth as glass
But yet we never seem to run out of gas
Shaded by the trees
Dampend by the dark clouds above
My shadow elongated by the sun on my back
I see the forks ahead
They are tempting
I stray at times
But some times when I stray I think its for the good

*His touch*
I feel his hand gently rubing my cheek
I feel his arm around my shoulder
I feel his hand around my waist
I long for his touch

I feel him tickleing my sides
I feel him covering my eyes
I feel him huging me tight
I yearn for his touch

I feel his hand in mine
I feel the love that comes from him
I feel his lips apon mine
I long for his touch

I feel what was his hand around my waist
I feel what was him huging me tight
I feel what was his hand in mine
I yearn for him every day

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