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 ~[ElvishWanderer]~'s poems

Eyes set on the midnight sky,
asking the winds to ease our pain.
Watching the stars shine overhead
wanting nothing but love to gain.

Saint Valentine answers our prayer
as his star shines brightest of all,
star crossed lovers reunite-
to answer twlight's call.

Tomorrow I wil never see
for tomorrow you'll be here with me.
Innocence is long past gone,
frozen hearts forever live on.

I beg of thee
to wait in the stars,
to invade my dreams
and take me away far.

You are one of the true,
I'm one of the few,
Your one of the Gods
we'll beat all the odds!

For through the darkness of night
and dreams of fright
our two worlds collide
to show us we're right!

[ for valentine's day last year, this guy i had only known for a few months wrote me a poem similiar to this--Valentines day this year, that same guy is now my boyfriend of 10 months, this was my responce to his poem]

He beckons me over with his mysterious eyes
and lays me down upon a bed of lies.
He's as dark as the night,
I'm as fair as the light.

Tenderly he sings songs of the heart,
declares from me he will never depart.
The coming of the dawn leaves my spirt sore,
but i feel him pierce my deeptest core.

He whispers of the love we share,
visions of us dancing without care.
The light approaches with a cry of pain,
and i open my eyes to find my love slain.

Didn't worry about the coming night,
for i knew he wouldn't come for me tonight.
We spilled blood for the love we held true
but it turns out death was already coming for you.

[again for my boyfriend...and again a responce to something he wrote me. ]

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