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[CuriousityKills]' POS's

"Another Dorian Grey"
  Walk away from me
Let me fall again
      Slitting my throat in a basic cliche
You've taught me to hate
   I forgot how to pray.
Naught maters now
   It's all falling out
My innocence and sanity
  all are gone, as all can see
A violation, sly intrusion,
anoter source of my confusion
   Driping sticky drops of wet
This one last chance to not forget
  It's too late now, you've gone away
so now my demons come to play
  I listen to them like you never did
   I tell them my stories, the secrets I hid
One last solution
my dark rain of crimson
  I'll wait until you see
the forgotten portrait of me.

Can you imagine me dying
  in your arms
    but by your hands
Can you see the blood of my veins
   dripping sweetly from my lips
     Those lips that would kiss you
        or hold your name with glory
Can you feel my last breath upon you
   as it exhales the life that could have
    should have
       been for you
Would you wipe my final tear
  as it fell delicately down my face
The tear you caused me to share...
    with a grave.
Would you part the hairs
  as they drape across my paling cheek
If you felt every warmth leave me
   but knew you brought the chill
Would you tell me why?

{I really don't know where I got this from...}

"Despite the Sadness"
 The claims are made against me
after every single lie
 The one that used to love me
is the one who makes me cry
 A choking sensation down my throat
caused by every sheltered tear
 A voice that's screaming "Treason"
is the cause of every fear.
 To think that I still love
with the heart that you must break
 To breathe another moment
is another brash mistake
 My mind still remembers
a time when we could laugh
 My dreams will always linger
on the better times that passed
 Throughout this fickle lifetime
and as the years go on
 The one who helps me write this
is still who I call "Mom"

{this one should be obvious..}

"They Danced"
 They danced
they glided over the world
their hearts sang the song
they stepped in beat with love
over the dewbeaded rose buds
through the sparkling stars
 They danced
while the rest left them
when there was nothing
while treason washed away
the shadows shaded the floor
and they were alone
 They kissed
One sign that only they mattered
a single display of emotion
one step added to the dance
everyone else faded in darkness
as they let the compassion surround them

 I watched.

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