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2005-04-24 03:44:56
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This is not an angry poem..

This is not an angry poem
this is a song of hate
this is not a ray of hope
this is a attempt to force the gate
this is not a way to make life better
because I guess suffering's just fate
you can't decide what you are
but you are when you decide
and if you loose your self
then your just a loss of life

the actual storyboard was created by me.. the actual poem was created by [nto actually here] (AKA roxy)


I'm crying.. dieing.. thinking..
thinking of nothing but you,
and how we used to be
thinking of everything we used to do,
wondering if now you see.
I'm crying.. dieing.. waiting..
waiting to see,
what you used to think of me
seeing what to say
what to do,
when I'm around you.
I'm crying, dieing, saying..
saying whats on my mind,
why I miss you and why.
thinking of you just isn't the same
when your not here
its just a different game.
I'm crying, dieing, trying..
trying to get you off my mind,
and soon you'll find,
the note I left for you,
burnt and crumbled,
saying the truth about
how I felt around you,
secretly shredded into thousands of tiny pieces.
I'm crying, dieing, playing..
I'm playing a game
a simple game
when I'm around you
I just ain't the same
I wish you were here,
you'd see the tears,
when I'm thinking about you..
I'm crying, dieing, singing..
singing my song,
all day long.
My song about you,
and what we used to do.
Long back,
back along the tracks,
when we first met.
I'm crying, dieing, seeing..
seeing what I used to see,
in every thought
and every dream.
Your eyes,
and face
every expression you've ever made,
locked in my mind,
and soon you'll find..
I'm crying.. dieing.. listenng
listening to everything you've ever said to me,
hearing every word your murmming
every song you sing,
every bell you ring..
I'm in your mind,
your in my soul.
I will never let you go..
I'm crying.. dieing.. saving..
saving myself from what I think..
what you think
saving you,
saving me.
the thoughts you think,
are in my mind
day and night.
waiting for your voice keeps me up at night
waiting for your touch, your sight, your senses..
waiting for you..
I'm crying.. dieing.. remembering..
remebering everything..
we used to do..
just me and you...
everyday, we used to play,
outside the houses till the day was through.
waiting for the open door,
wanting to say just one thing more,
that never came true...

[rather long historic poem/song.. its actually a true poem.. written from.. well.. lets just say the past, ok? This is also my newwest poem.. umm. .yeah]

This Silence
This silence is overwhelming,
its tearing me apart,
I wish I were with you right now,
not here so far apart.
my life is alone without you,
my souls a waste of time
my eyes are drowsed and empty,
from the first tim ein my life
my lifes an empty hollowness,
my writings just words.
my thoughts aren't what they used to be,
and that thought really hurts.
my life is overwhelming,
its vortex is so dull,
my past is better than my future
so far thats what it seems
no one knows what i'm feeling now
no one see what I see
this silence is overwhelming,
its tearing me apart
i wish I were with oyu right now
and now so far apart


This Clock
This clock is ticking me away,
butterflies and garden play,
dogs and cats,
friends and foes,
not much to say although,
life was great,
and still is fun,
but things have changed,
A lot.
I wish things hadn't changed
I wish they were still the way they were,
we would be together then,
not away form eachother,
we would go fishing,
or hike in the woods,
we'd make birdhouses,
and feed the muts,
but things have changed, as I said,
nothings the same,
and thats real sad,
this clock is ticking me away,
does time exist? its hard to say.

-format of a poem called this 'clock is ticking me away', my own words.


Your Looks

You think that you can hurt me,
with a harmful name,
a look, a shake of the fist.
You don't know that,
I've been through more then that,
more then those things,
so I can no longer be harmed by them.
You look at me,
thinking I'm helpless,
But those who know me see me as fearless,
afraid only of the dark
and what lies beyond that.
You think sneering can get you anywhere in life?
You think that when you mother of father,
if lieing on their deathbeds,
sneering, making faces and cussing them out will do any good?
for you or them?
Are you that full of arrogance?
Are you as ignorant as a solemn mime,
in a silent room?!
Is you damned pride more important then your family, and loved ones?!
Are you to forced out of rage and fucking temper tantrums to see the damned fear in your childs eyes
when they wake up in the morning to find blood smeared on the walls?!
Are you to lost i your own little world,
To listen?!
To watch what happens during the night?
Are you that iggnorant, FOOL?!
[for none other then roxy.. she knows why]
Vows of Shallowness

Do looks matter?
Only to the weak minded,
the shallow hearted.
To the dimness of originality,
to the skanks you seem to slobber over?
Do you not see?
My weak minded friends,
nothign counts more,
then a full heart,
strong mind.
Be damned to all of your,
parties, and strip clubs,
may you all rot in hell!

[hehe.. sorry.. no.. not a personal poem.. lol.. just out of the top of my mind..]


Some things some people may never understand
all they do is laugh when you fall
and never lend a helping hand.

To watch them all to snuggle,
and come home almost in tears,
just isn't worth the struggle,
of living all these years.

I haven't slept for ages,
which seems to all make sense,
things have begun to fall apart,
I'm waiting for the time to jump the fence.

This is just a big cliche,
and seems to overused,
but when they say time repeats itself,
try not to look so confused.

[sill working on this one..]

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