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[Black Adder] 's Poems

Life and love

Life is a darkness,
And wenth light thou see,
Love thou shalt have,
But thou art blind,
For thou art in the Devils snare,
And pain shalt embrace thou,
But thou shalt step,
Once again into,
Satan's snare,
Because of hope …

… and lust

[I wrote this poim almost a year ago and entered it in a compertision and it GOT INTO A BOOK!!!]

I don't want your pity
I don't want your love
I don't want your care
I don't want your fear
I don't want your hatred

I want your soul!

Why bully me?
Why do people pick on me?
Why do people laugh?
Why do they insult me?
Why do they throw things at me?
Why can't they let me be?

You ripped my heart right out of my chest
and left me in utter unrest
Why did you do it? It's not plain to see
for you said you loved me

Now take my wretched heart for it is weak and only troubles me so
For I shall not be drowned in the sea of sorrow
But be reborn from ashes to flame

Her eyes are like the sea,
Beautiful but vicious and merciless.
Her hair like the waves of the ocean.
She douses my senses and turns my wits to fluid.
She cools brain and freezes my mind.
She breaks through the flood gates of my sanity and moistens my stone heart...

The Soul of a Man never Die's

My soul shall live for all eternity
And search for you
Because of your love for me

My soul shall wonder like a warm mist
And I shall be loving and optimistic
I shall greet no man with a fist
The Soul of a Man never Die's

Let there be no sorrow or fight
For I am happy
And I have past from darkness into light
The Soul of a Man never Die's

My spirit shall fly like a dove
And never fail
And neither will our love
The Soul of a Man never Die's

I'm not in the meadow yet I stand there alone,
I'm not by your side yet I hold your hand,
I am where I am but I'm not where I stand,
I'm here but my mind isn't

Stand and deliver
I want whats mine
My love isn't free
You gotta love me
Give me what I want
If ya wanna be with me

[Crude poem ...]

I shalt nay submit to the waves of verbal torture
I shalt make my broken heart the barrier for thy evil doings
And I shalt use my soul to block out the black rays of despair that creep in on my mind ...

I open my mouth but I release no sound
for I am empty and cold, as solid as the ground
The icy wind cuts through me and chills my soul,
For I am lost to the snow, and in it bound.

I'm the Reaper
The angle from your nightmares
The shadow in your mind
The Chaos you leave in your wake
Your last driving force after hope has gone
The murderer of dreams
Your animal instincts
All your fears
All you believe your not
However much you evolve
I'll be there!
However much you believe you're civilized
I'll be there, your Chaotic past
I am your darker side
Your slave
Your master

People are scared of death,
if we look we all are,
people are scared of what they don't know,
we all are,
people are scared of what they dont understand,
we all are,
we're all scared,
but it will always happen,
there will always be things we don't know,
there will always be things we carn't understand,
so why fight it?
why rebel?
because we must!
because we wan't to!
because if we don't then whats the point!?

[I wrote this because someone asked me why are people scared of death.]

I don't know what to say,
I don't know how to say it,
I just stand and gaze,
If I could say it,
I would say it,
But all I do is stare,
Its not fair,
Why do I stare,
Why can't I just say that I care.

this was made to tell some one that I liked thier art but turned out different lol*

The love life cycle

People who are in love are like a plant
if they are separated
or neglected
they will wither and die
but if they are nurtured
and are aloud to prosper
then they will flourish
flower and seed
to make new life

I just wrote this lol*

To live by the sword is to die by it

love is like a sword,
and life is like a shield
for love can strike down all foes
and the shield of life prevents death
but when the shield breaks life is lost
but sword will stay
and eventually
mourning will take the other life

I wrote this and some one found out at school and I still get stick about it humf* but I don't care.

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