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Outline Cleaner


This page shows you how to clean-up your penicl line-art and make it suitable for colouring in the style you are used too. When you are Cell Shading you may also want to use the technique son that the lines look darker and bolder.


Step 1: Pencil
As you can tell the pencil line you have at the moment won't be ideal for colouring at a later stage hense you need to make it neater and overall easier to colour.

Step 2: Over
To start create a new layer over the "background" layer with the pencil on. This will allow you to draw over it on this layer whilst still using the pencil as your guide.

Step 3: Choose
Next choose which style you would like to choose. The can be achieved by right-clicking the brush tool which will then give you the options "brush tool/ pencil tool". Personally I use the pencil tool as it is bolder and darker.

Step 4: The End
Make sure you go other all the lines you are choosing to keep and the delete the "background" layer so that you now only have the transparent new layer. Now you can re-name this (by right-clicking and then going to layer properties ... and deleting "layer 1" and replacing it with your desired name). Now you are finished and you are ready to colour the image in. 


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