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Other matters
Forgot anything? Any suggestions? Just add your ideas here!!

[Fire fae]

All I really know about Cantaurs is that the school I go to (City Honors in Buffalo NY) has a centaur for a logo, and the men's basketball team (who have won many state championships) is called the Centaurs

[Namir Art critic]

One idea of centaurs is that they are actually were-horses. The main idea or pics of them are basically a mixed form that they took in the old days. But to date these were-horses have all but been either destroyed or gone into hiding for they were messengers of the old world and nowadays there is no use for them. The saying 'don't kill the messenger' supposedly arose from the sudden loss of these creatures. They loved to carry messages from place to place. They actually rarely fought unless those tainted were trying to steal their lands. Even then they didn't do all the fighting. They used their love and sent out for warriors of any other race that would help them.


They are a proud race who can read the future, present and past in the stars. They do not eat or sleep as they gain there power from the stars and the earth around them. They are imortal but can be killed in battle. They live deep in the forests, protected by charms and barriers so they will never be disturbed. They are capable of great magic, such as the ability to dissapear at will and use it to protect the earth. They are great fighters and archers due to their sensitive hearing and eyesight. They can also go into the minds of animals and take control of their body.

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2003-11-09 [Lhunc├║ion]: Ummm...all I know is that centaurs are stargazers and are very deep into astrology. They are very dependant on the stars and look to them for guidance. And one other thing I know is that I love centars!!

2005-04-28 [VampireChick08]: someone should make bunches of banners.... and not ugly ones. I've seen too many ugly centaur pictures. 

2007-02-01 [Sammi MoonDancer]: P.C. Cast has a few fiction books containing Centuars...

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