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Add other Dragonish books movies etc here, Items with Dragons but not as a main character. Add one official link if available.


The Eyes of the Dragon, by Stephen King
Another Fine Myth, The Myth Adventures of Aahz and Skeeve novels by Robert Asprin
Voyage of the Dawn Treader,by C.S.Lewis from the Narnia series. I recomend reading the whole series, though starting with book 1. (This could also be listed under Movies AND tv series I actually liked the bbc verwion better then the Disney movie, although they did quite will with the movie. wonder when they will get to the Dawn Treader.
Fairy God Mother by Mercedes Lackey
One Good Knight by Mercedes Lackey
Jhereg by Steven Brust
Dragon (forthcoming) Steven Burst
Red dragon by Thomas Harris the book and the movie: \ 
Die Unendliche Geschicte by Michael Ende , AKA:
The Never Ending Story find information on the MOVIE, TVSHOW, GAMES, and Books And the original German at:


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