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Ostia Antica review

Well, I went here on a weekend, and I have to say that it was lovely. Once the port city of Rome, Ostia Antica no longer sits on the coast line of the Mediterranean, but still serves a good purpose. Now it can show us what the ancient world really looked like, since it is essentially an entire city of ruins.

Ostia Antica has a road of mosaics, a bath complex, apartments, and little "fast food" restaurants. There is also a modern museum that showcases different funeral goods and burial things, marble, and various statues.

I really loved this place. It was easy to move at a slow pace and see everything, and I never felt crowded or rushed. It was also awesome that one of our professors had been the artist who had drawn the temple, so we got to see his sketches/plans of the inside. It's too bad you can't see the sea, but that's due to the coast line naturally moving.

I would recommend this attraction to anyone who loves to study Roman culture or art. It really is a great place!

/ [Akayume]

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