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2009-01-29 19:27:03
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Portland's Premiere Science Fiction Convention

The next OryCon is OryCon 31
November 27-29, 2009
Portland, Oregon, USA

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2007-07-02 [Rondel]: I take no responsibility for this wiki. It exists for those who may take interest in it. Add to it freely, trash it for all I care, it's not my problem. Conventions are no longer among my vices of choice, but the sharing of information is; what you do with it is your own choice, and the results of that choice are your own problem.

2007-07-02 [Rondel]: Oh, and for those who have never attended a convention of any kind, please be warned that they have their own issues and problems, as does any group of people with common interests/characteristics. In the case of F/SF conventions, this includes a tendency toward disregard for certain social standards (age of majority/consent being one of them), and that of being a haven for Fantasy Crazies I Have Known.

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